August 26

Capture the evidence: Shout it out!

Linda Gibson-Langford, editor of SLA NSW’s iLeader journal has sent information on this professional learning event:

15 September 10am – 3pm
The King’s School, Parramatta
Please direct any queries to Alinda Sheerman –
As a SLA NSW member benefit, this seminar is gratis (up to 2 members per Institutional Membership). Non-members $55 (incl GST).
Register before 3 September. Registration form at

Richard Glover and Debra Oswald
Richard Glover, ABC journalist, and Debra Oswald, writer and playwright, take us on a research journey through the salt lakes of western NSW, across the plains of imagination, to finally set us down in front of reality – ‘writing is hard work,’ says Glover, ‘and it is libraries that not only nourish writers, but create them in the first place’. Join Richard and Debra as they share their research journeys.

Debra Talbot
Teachers learning, or not, has been and remains the subject of research, a target for both reform and funding, and the core of much of the criticism leveled at teachers. So many of us with an interest in this area ask ourselves why the perception remains that teachers, including teacher librarians, are not learning effectively on the job. Debra will give us some insights into these issues and lead us in a Q&A on teachers’ learning.

Shared Workshop on Practitioner Research – 10 minutes each

Voice as evidence
Linda Gibson-Langford: Teacher Librarian, The Kings School
Historical Fiction Research
David Woodgate: Head of History, The Kings School
Reflection on Practitioner Research
Peta Gresham: English Teacher, The Kings School
Digital Storytelling Research Group
Suzana Sukovic: Head of Library, St Vincent College
Guided Inquiry Projects
Lee Fitzgerald: Head Teacher Librarian, Loretto Kirribili
Jenny Scheffers: Teacher Librarian, Caddies Creek Public School
Sharon McGuinness: Teacher Librarian, Thirroul Public School
The 100 Acre Wood: Integrating Learning through Literature:
Team Presentation – Kate Bradley: K-2 Coordinator and Alinda Sheerman: Head of Information Services, Broughton Anglican College
Data Collection techniques:
Di Laycock: Teacher Librarian, Barker College

6.1.1 Demonstrate a capacity to reflect critically on and improve teaching practice.
6.2.1 Reflect critically on teaching and learning practice to enhance student learning outcomes.

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Ian McLean is a Sydney-based Australian primary (elementary) teacher-librarian, who spends way too much of his spare time blogging in cyberspace. A former editor of the NSW Department of Education and Training's professional journal, "Scan", he enjoys learning - along with his students and teaching colleagues - about the wonders of information and communications technology (ICT) in education.

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