October 31

Welcome to Term 4

Both Jenny Scheffers and I have been on Long Service Leave. A belated welcome to Term 4.

I have just updated the Committee list for 2017. It’s a hyperlink from the top of this main page. A big thank you to Jenny, who has stepped down as Chairperson after many years in the position. We already miss her, but she is also staying on the Committee and will be helping Jan Poona, Michele Young and I to tackle the MyPL site when we register our Professional Learning events. A big thank you to all returning and new Committee members.

Jenny says, “Thank you everyone for the beautiful flower arrangement, vase and hand-painted card. I was very overwhelmed! Thank you also for everyone’s wonderful support and friendship over the past nine years as Chairperson (and longer as Secretary & a general committee member). We are so very fortunate to have such a hard working, cohesive and professional Committee! I look forward now to being a general Committee member…”

Hope you have a stress-free conclusion to your year. See you all at our next event in 2017!

Ian McLean
Chairperson 2017
PMBW Teacher Librarian Professional Learning Group.

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Ian McLean is a Sydney-based Australian primary (elementary) teacher-librarian, who spends way too much of his spare time blogging in cyberspace. A former editor of the NSW Department of Education and Training's professional journal, "Scan", he enjoys learning - along with his students and teaching colleagues - about the wonders of information and communications technology (ICT) in education.

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