April 4

Committee Meeting Minutes for Monday 27 March 2017

Venue: Penrith Panthers
Meeting opened: 4.10pm
Present: Ian McLean, Jan Poona, Joanna Deegan, Jennifer Dengate, Jenny Scheffers, Sue Pitt, Lolita Garcia and Michele Young.
Apologies: Cate Yard, Lorraine Baxter, Vicci Bishop, Julie Grazotis and Cathie Cattermole.

General Business
• 35 Teacher Librarians attended the Term 1 Afternoon Tea meeting for the presentation by Bradley Cook on Professional Development Plans for TLs
• Bradley Cook – suggested that one PDP goal in a TL’s PDP should be linked to the school plan, one be a stage level goal (where appropriate) and one a personal goal
• ASLA – Evidence guide for Teacher Librarians in the Proficient Career Stage
• ASLA – Evidence Guide for Teacher Librarians in the Highly Accomplished Career Stage
• Both of the above Evidence Guides can be found on the ASLA website listed under Publications, or click on the above hyperlinks
• Karuna Chetty, Nepean HS was not available to host the Term 2 full day meeting
• Thank you to Jenny Scheffers and her Principal for volunteering to host the full day meeting at Caddies Creek PS
• Joanna Deegan has volunteered to take on the responsibility for Delegates’ and Presenters’ Certificates
• Colleen Foley has retired & will be invited to our Term 2 meeting
 Jenny S – contact Colleen and ask her permission to pass her phone number on to Ian
 Ian – officially invite Colleen to our Term 2 meeting
 Jenny D – organise a thank you gift for Colleen if she is attending our PL day
 Ian – contact Colleen Blancato for any update on a NSW ebook subscription.
 Lorraine – email TLs who attended the afternoon tea meeting requesting a copy of their PDP goals to collate into a document for redistribution.

Treasurer’s Report
• It will be necessary to include invoice information at the top of any Professional Learning Day Agenda
• Committee members will need to keep any original dockets to support claims for reimbursement of money spent
• Further details to follow, from the SAM at Rooty Hill PS, regarding the information required to process payments to committee members
• Payment for attendance of our Chairperson & Treasurer at PMBW Professional Learning Days will be covered out of Treasury funds.

Term 2 Full Day Meeting discussion
• 22nd June 2017
• Venue: Caddies Creek PS
• Teacher Librarian host: Jenny Scheffers
• Glenwood Park Dr & Currawong St, Glenwood
• Maximum of 75 Teacher Librarians
• Cost – $40
o 8:15am Registration and coffee
o 9:00am Welcome by Principal, Housekeeping and General Business
o 9:15am Paul MacDonald – CBCA Short-listed books
o 10:15am Sponsor’s presentations
o 10:30am Morning tea
o 11:15am Bradley Cook & Leanne Stead – Professional Development Plans
o 12:45pm Lunch
o 1:45pm Julie Grazotis & Lolita Garcia – using Google Docs (PDP) & Google Forms (Evaluation)
o 2:15pm Discussion groups
o 3:00pm Evaluation and Badge Draw
 Ian – confirm Paul Macdonald for this date
 Ian – confirm Bradley Cook & Leanne Stead for this date, confirm the session title and handouts
 Ian – contact Julie to discuss her session on Google Docs for PDPs
 Michele – provide Ian with the link to the ASLA Evidence Guide for Teacher Librarians in the Proficient Career Stage document
 Ian – email the above link to Bradley
 Jenny – email Ian & Jan a copy of a MyPL Agenda template
 Ian, Jan & Jenny – meet at Penrith PS, Wednesday 5th March, to add the course to MyPL
 Sue & Cate – organise sponsors – The Children’s Bookshop & Elizabeth Richards
 Cathie – design Agenda
 Jenny D – organise thank you cards & gifts for presenters and hosts
 Joanna – organise Delegates’ and Presenters’ Certificates
 Lorraine – email invitation and Agenda to district TLs
 Jenny S – contact Richard to book the catering for morning tea & lunch
 Lolita – organise for the Evaluation to be presented using Google Forms
 Michele – organise folders for handouts if required.

Term 3 Afternoon Tea Meeting discussion
• Venue – Nepean HS
• Nepean High School – 115-119 Great Western Hwy, Emu Plains 0247287200
• Teacher Librarian host – Karuna Chetty
• Date – 13th September (Wednesday Week 9)
• Guest speaker – Bruce Pickworth, author of The Godwits, a new text for Stages 2 & 3 Geography with Teacher Notes written by Margo Pickworth
 Ian – contact Bruce and Margo to confirm attendance at the afternoon tea meeting and the possibility of them selling copies of the book.

Next Committee Meeting: Date TBA, 4.00pm at Blacktown Worker’s Sports Club
Dinner to follow for anyone who would like to attend.
Meeting closed: 5.15pm