July 10

Committee meeting – minutes

Venue: Penrith Panthers
Meeting opened: 4.05pm
Present: Jenny Scheffers, Lee Arundel, Ian McLean, Julie Grazotis, Cathie Cattermole, Sue Pitt, Fran Mead, Di Johnston, Jennifer Dengate, Janelle Van Capelle, Jan Poona, Bonnie Manwaring and Michele Young.
Apologies: Lorraine Baxter, Susan Burke and Natalie Ignacz.

Evaluation of Term 4 Professional Learning Day
• Thank you to Cathie for preparing the Evaluation Report
• A very successful day
• Thank you to all Committee members
• Sharon McGuinness – $300 gift voucher for Children’s Bookshop presented as payment to Thirroul PS. Sharon received wine plus $50 gift voucher.
• Comments about the day were extremely positive
• Refer to Evaluation Report.
• Suggestion – indicate representation of Primary School / High School numbers on Evaluation handout.
• Suggestion – survey TLs on listserve to gather information as to why many HS TLs are not attending Professional Learning days
• Committee has made a conscious effort to include content appropriate for HS TLs.
• Waiting on four delegates to pay.

Term 3 Afternoon Tea
• Thursday 29 August
• TL – Julie Grazotis
• Banks PS
• 3:30 – 5:00pm
• Book Week discussion
• Committee members to bring a plate
• RSVP to Julie.

Term 4 Professional Learning Day
• Date to be announced
• TL – Janelle Van Capelle
• Chifley College Bidwill – Janelle to check possible dates, enquire about catering through the school, and contact Jenny.

Possible Agenda
o Colleen Blancato – Smart Money presentation – 1 hour
o Workshops – one hour per session x 2
Ian – Book Trailers using Photopeach (present in a classroom)
Cathie – Book Trailers using imovie (present in classroom), delegates to bring own ipad
Bonnie – using Adobe Premier Elements (in Library)
Di – using Voki and Puppet Pals (in Library)
 Workshop presenters to email Jenny with their requirements to conduct the session
o Discussion Panel – PS / HS sessions. Delegates email questions / discussion points to Jenny prior to the day. Questions answered / discussed by panel on the day

o Timetable
8.15 Registration & coffee
9.00 Welcome
9.10 Smart Money presentation
10.10 Sponsors presentations
10.30 Morning tea
11.20 Workshop – session 1 (finish 12.20 for 10 minute change over)
12.30 Workshop – session 2
1.30 Lunch
2.15 Discussion Panel
3.00 Evaluation / Lucky door prizes.

o Sponsors – Kingfisher & Elizabeth Richards??

General Discussion
• Committee members to update phone numbers on Committee information sheet
• Sue and Jenny attended conference ‘eBooks 4 eLearning’ at Parramatta
• Future author / illustrator presenters – contact Jackie Hawkes (CBCA)
• Suggestion – print our Logo on pens and notepads
• Purchase PMBW banner – consider an area name / Logo change – to be discussed further at next meeting, ie. when schools are no longer officially within the district’s ever-changing boundaries.
 Lee – organise quotes for printing our logo on pens, notebooks, bags and banner.

Next Committee Meeting: 3.45pm Blacktown Sports Club – date to be announced
Meeting closed: 5.10pm.

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June 12

Minutes of 5th June professional learning day

Here are the minutes of the recent PL day at Oxley Park Public School.

Host Teacher Librarian: Bonnie Manwaring

Welcome: Mrs Delphine Annette (Principal Oxley Park PS)
• Acknowledgement of traditional custodians
• Teacher Librarians have the opportunity to live and breathe books
• Thankyou to everyone for attending & enjoy the day.

Welcome & General Business: Jenny Scheffers (Chairperson PMBW Committee)
• Acknowledgement of traditional custodians
• Thankyou to everyone for attending
• Housekeeping matters – Bonnie
• Welcome and thankyou to our presenters and sponsors
• Folder contains the following documents:
 * Agenda
 * Term 3 Afternoon Tea – Thursday 29 August at Banks PS (TL – Julie Grazotis) 3:30 – 5:00pm, No cost and no need to register on MYPL
 * School Library Association of New South Wales presents ‘eBooks 4 eLearning’, Thursday 13th June 2013 4.40 – 6.30pm, The Auditorium, Parramatta RSL, O’Connell St Parramatta
 * Evaluation Form
• Term 4 Teacher Librarian Professional Learning Day, Chifley College Bidwell (TL – Janelle Van Capelle), Date to be announced
• Badge draw at the end of the day – prizes donated by sponsors.

Guest Speaker: Paul MacDonald (The Children’s Bookshop)
Review of the Shortlisted CBCA titles and What’s Hot
• Refer to copy of Paul’s PowerPoint presentation
• Greater focus on Visual Literacy – picture books
• Teen fiction and children’s fiction booming – authors for the adult market are now writing teen fiction
• Trend – hopelessness, dark, depressing themes
• Focus areas – books supporting the National Curriculum, Asian texts, sustainability, multimodal texts
• CBCA 2013 Theme – Read Across the Universe
Mrs Mac’s Library website – teaching notes and ideas for shortlisted titles
• Classics are popular – no copyright
• Impact of Diary of a wimpy kid Double dork, Soccer star, Cricket God, Big Nate, Tom Gates
• Easy Read Alouds – Our Australian girls, Billy B Brown, Andy Roid
• Popular picture books – King Pig, Treasure box, Mr Darcy the dancing duck, Baa baa smart sheep, Lilac ladies.

Guest Speaker: Sharon McGuinness (Author of Coming Home and Teacher Librarian, Thirroul PS)
From TL to Author
• Catalyst for writing – ghost story competition to win a colour TV. Part of story published in the newspaper
• 2006 – participated in Di Bates’ picture book writing course. Wrote short story based on brother’s horse farm – published in The School Magazine 2008
• Wrote beginning chapter book based on rugby league titled Try! – an eBook for kindle and ePub. Dedicated to students, Max and Jack, who provided inspiration for the book. Teaching notes available on Mrs Mac’s website
• 2006 – started Mrs Mac’s
Coming home was written during a time of personal/family trauma. Published 2012 during Mental Health Week. Author royalties donated to Black Dog. Book trailer on Youtube and Mrs Mac’s
• Now enjoying the challenge of writing picture books.

Sponsor: Syba Signs (Phyll)
• Professional Development program 2013
The National Curriculum: Developing a Guided Inquiry and Web 2.0 Approach with Dr. Ross Todd and Lyn Hay – Sydney, Friday 21 June 2013
Resourcing the Australian Curriculum with Lyn Hay – 9 September 2013
• Digital Signage and teaching resources
• Wide range of posters
• Winter catalogue available
• Happy to visit schools to discuss your Library needs.

Sponsor: Kookaburra (Jan)
• Jan – 9 years as area rep
• Long term sponsor
• New catalogue available
• Products include trolleys, touchscreens, DVC, headphones, pinboards, dictionaries, atlases, Get Reading Right Literacy program.
• Contact for appointment 0417 101 028, jan@kookaburra.com.au

Guest Speakers: Colleen Foley – DEC School Libraries Update
• Access documents on 21C learning via School Libraries website
Scan online – key support for school libraries and TLs – share username and password with staff
• eBooks – available on L4L (My Library interface), Load H1>G3
• eBooks project – article and report found in 2012 November issue of Scan
• SCIS records can be used to catalogue book trailers, apps etc
• Timeline for Library Replacement System – start July/August for first round (LMBR schools – 229 schools) – completed over 18mth to 2 year period
• New Syllabus
 NSW Scootle – search and discovery tool, bank of resources
 BOS Program Builder
TaLe – will continue – add resources for the new curriculum
 Education Services Australia (ESA) – supported by each state and sector
Scan reviews – future change to see reviews as resource packages, springboards to links with other resources.

Guest Speaker: Sharon McGuinness (Teacher Librarian, Thirroul PS)
Subtle TL Advocacy
• Refer to copy of PowePoint presentation
• Professional groups – ALIA, ASLA, SLANSW, TL Advocacy group ‘The Hub’
• Opportunities
 Contribute to your School’s Annual Report
 Resourcing the new curriculum
 Present at staff meetings
 Guided Inquiry and inquiry based learning complement the new curriculum
 Have your own library page on the school website
 Contact local public libraries – access databases
• Useful links
 Prezi (new English syllabus) http://prezi.com/
 Squarl http://squarl.com/3v/Ouw
 Pinterest http://pinterest.com/
 NSW State Library
• Web 2.0 tools
 Smore
 Flipsnack
 Motivator
 Voki
 ABC Splash
 Story Box Library
 Literacy Shed
 Show Me the Awesome
 Cybrarian – retro Library posters.

Guest Speaker: Jackie Hawkes
CBCA Update
• Refer to flyer The Children’s Book Council of Australia and copy of PowerPoint presentation
• http://nsw.cbca.org.au/
• Activities
 Book Sale – held in March at Rozelle. Meet guest authors
 Book Week – short list announced
 National Simultaneous Storytime – 2013 The wrong book by Nick Bland
Maurice Saxby Lecture – celebrating the extensive contributions of Maurice Saxby to Australian Children’s Literature
 Writing workshops for students – held at State Library of NSW
 Junior Writing Master Classes – part of Sydney Writer’s Festival – at State Library of NSW
 CBC2U 2013 – Children’s Book Creators to YOU. Invite an author or illustrator to help enrich reading and writing experiences
 Stories on Screen 2013
 Book Week – 2013 Read Across the Universe. Book Week merchandise – order from NSW website
 Judges dinner – celebrates the work of the NSW Book Week judges. To farewell and thank Jill Bruce and welcome Cathie Tasker. August 23, Venue TBC
 Author Teas – invite authors to afternoon tea at your school, buy their books and share their stories
 CBCA Publications – iRead and Buzz About Books.

Next Committee meeting: 3.45pm Thursday 27 June at Penrith Panthers.
Meeting concluded: 3:30pm

November 30

Committee meeting minutes – Thursday 22 November 2012

Venue: Blacktown Sports Club
Meeting opened: 4.05pm
Present: Jenny Scheffers, Honor White, Lee Arundel, Ian McLean, Julie Grazotis, Cathie Cattermole, Sue Pitt, Fran Mead, Di Johnston, Belinda Doyle, Jenny Dengate, Janelle Van Capelle and Michele Young.
Apologies: Lorraine Baxter, Shelley Napper, Jan Poona, Lyn Drew, Bonnie Manwaring and Ilse Roorda-Erich.

Evaluation of Term 4 Professional Learning Day
A very successful day
Positive discussion on TL listserv
Thank you to all Committee members
Jan and Belinda welcomed delegates in foyer and Ilse served tea/coffee to quest speakers and sponsors – greatly appreciated
Completed survey for Panthers’ Event Manager – very positive. Prefer Panthers to other venues we have hired for a conference
Hold future Conferences in Term 2

Conference summary publicised on PMBW Blog

Comments about the day were extremely positive
Refer to Conference Evaluation handout

Libby Gray, World Book sponsor, was disappointed that many delegates ate lunch outside in the foyer and did not approach her sponsor’s table enough
Decision by the committee to suggest that sponsors organise a business card prize draw for delegates who have visited them during the course of the conference.

All expenses have been paid
Five delegates not yet paid.

Organisation for 2013
Term 1 Afternoon Tea
TL – Pam Stewart, Blacktown Girls HS
3:30 – 5.00pm, Committee members to bring a plate

Term 2 Professional Learning Day, Date TBA – early June?
TL – Bonnie Manwaring, Oxley Park PS
Avoid date clashing with Writer’s Festival
Agenda (Suggestions)
Paul MacDonald, Children’s Bookshop – Jenny to contact and book Paul MacDonald
Sharon McGuinness – new book Coming home + her Mrs Mac’s website
Colleen Foley – DEC update + eReaders + National Curriculum
Jackie Hawkes and Honor – CBCA
Colleen Blancato
Lizzie Chase
Di Johnston – iPads + apps
Jenny – there are currently Scan articles re iPads + Guided Inquiry
Run concurrent workshops in mid session
High School/Primary discussion groups in the afternoon
Author presentation??

Term 3 Afternoon Tea
Date to be announced
TL – Julie Grazotis, Banks PS
3:30 – 5:00pm
Book Week discussion.

Term 4 Professional Learning Day
Date to be announced
TL – Janelle Van Capelle
Chifley College, Bidwill
Janelle to check with Principal and contact Jenny

Election of Committee for 2013 -Please click HERE.

General Discussion
Belinda Guymer – not in TL position at Emu Heights PS 2013
Thank you to returning members of the Committee and great to have new members for 2013
Best wishes and thank you to Honor who is retiring.

Thank you for presentation of retirement gift
Presented the committee with a Thank you card.

Suggestion to collate Committee member’s personal phone numbers for contact outside school hours and in emergency situations.

Next Committee Meeting: 3.45pm Penrith Panthers – date to be announced
Meeting closed: 5.15pm.

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June 14

Committee meeting minutes – Wednesday 6 June 2012

Venue: Penrith Panthers
Meeting opened: 4.10pm
Present: Jenny Scheffers, Honor White, Jan Poona, Lee Arundel, Ian McLean, Cathie Cattermole, Belinda Guymer, Sue Pitt, Bonnie Manwaring, Lorraine Baxter, Ilse Roorda-Erich and Michele Young.
Apologies: Fran Mead, Lyn Drew, Julie Grazotis, Belinda Doyle, Shelley Napper and Susan Burke.

* Happy Birthday to Jan from the committee
* Updated committee members list
* Thank you letter sent to Cambridge Park HS catering team (teachers and students) for the preparation and serving of food at our T2 meeting
* Oasis beginners’ course – Tuesday 26 June at Banks PS (TL – Julie Grazotis) – 20 delegates, Cost – $40, Facilitators – Doug Jenkins and Bronwyn Jackson
* Thank you to Julie for organising the session.
* Term 3 Afternoon Tea – Catherine Cattermole, TL at James Erskine PS
* On behalf of the committee, Jenny will write a letter to DEC re concerns about proposed restructuring.

Reported on finances in the bank.

* PMBW blog site with Edublogs has been updated to “Pro” – more space now available and we can now embed video links – cost $42.04
* On MyPL@DEC, the PMBW Professional Learning Day of 2.6.11 is recorded as a one-hour event instead of one-day – Jenny to follow up.

* Evaluation review of PL meeting – very positive. Refer to report.
* Term 3 Afternoon Tea – Wednesday 29 August (Week 7), TL – Catherine Cattermole, James Erskine PS, 3:30 – 5:00pm, Book Week discussion, Cathie to email Jenny regarding school information – phone number, address, parking etc.

Term 4 2012 Professional Learning Conference:
* Literary Conference, Thursday 8 November 2012
* Possible conference title – “Reading Beyond 2012!”
* 120 delegates
* Venue – Penrith Panthers
* Notepads, pens, mints, water on each table
* Event organiser – Paul Collins – Melbourne based agency – 50% deposit based on 100 people
* Sue to request an invoice from the company and pass on to Jenny – give to Lee for payment
* Possible sponsors – Raeco, Elizabeth Richards, Fry’s Library Supplies, Teachers’ Mutual Bank (formerly Teachers’ Credit Union)
* Presenters to have their books for sale on the day
* Showbags – have 63 bags in reserve, Place an order for 150 bags – $500
* Sue to follow up donation of books for show bags from Scholastic.
* Discussed possible agenda.

Next Committee Meeting: Blacktown Sports Club, 3.45pm Date TBA
Meeting closed: 5.20pm

June 5

Minutes of professional learning day at Cambridge Park HS

Tuesday 22 May 2012, Cambridge Park HS
Teacher Librarian: Alison Johnson & Library Assistant: Renae Wheeler

Welcome: Mr Tony Diaczok (Deputy Principal Cambridge Park HS)
• Thank you to everyone for attending
• Key focus on literacy
• Teacher Librarians drive the literacy agenda in their schools
• Acknowledgement of the valued work done by Alison and Renae in the Library
• Enjoy the day.

Welcome & General Business: Jenny Scheffers (Chairperson PMBW Committee)
• Acknowledgement of traditional custodians
• Thank you to everyone for attending
• Apologies from Colleen Foley (Team Leader, School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit)
• Housekeeping matters – Alison
• Welcome and thank you to our presenters and sponsors
• Special presentations – on behalf of the PMBW TL group to Ian McLean (Penrith PS) and Paul MacDonald (Children’s Bookshop) for recently receiving School Libraries Association of NSW awards:
IanJohn H Lee Memorial Award for excellence in leadership in innovative and collaborative teaching practice through the integration of learning technologies (See also Penrith City Star article.)
Paul – inaugural Maurice Saxby Award for excellence & passion in promoting reading to children & young adults
• Committee has organised a gift to pass on to Colleen Blancato – past-PMBW Secretary, now working at DEC CLIC
• Beginners OASIS Training course – see Julie Grazotis (TL @ Banks PS) if interested
PRC update:
 Thanks to Belinda Guymer (Emu Heights PS) and Ian McLean (Penrith PS) for their assistance in sending a letter to Alan Booth (DEC State Office) re changes to PRC certificates
 PRC now run by one staff member
 Open to feedback at the end of the year
 DEC reviewing the situation
Sydney International Storytelling Conference – June 1-3 @ Baulkham Hills – see Jenny for further information
• Folder contains the following documents:
 Agenda
 Term 3 Afternoon Tea flyer – Wednesday 29 August (week 7) at James Erskine PS, 3:30 – 5:00pm, Topics – Book Week activities and CBC update; no cost and no need to register on MyPL@EDU
 Term 4 Literary Conference – Thursday 8 November 2012, Penrith Panthers 9 – 4pm, Cost: approx. $100
 Evaluation Form
 Flyer – CLIC
 Flyer – Alison’s Children’s Books
• Badge draw at the end of the day – prizes donated by sponsors and Colleen Foley.

Guest Speaker: Paul MacDonald (The Children’s Bookshop)Review of the Shortlisted CBCA titles and What’s Hot
• Email Paul at staff@thechildrensbookshop.com.au
• Rise of visual literacy – picture books
• Rise of Teacher’s Notes – lot of support material available for books
• Book Trailers – Google the term “book trailers” – way of the future – using technology to bring kids back to books, eg:

The last Viking book trailer – Norman Jorgensen & James Foley

Rudie nudie book trailer – Emma Quay

• CBCA 2012 Theme – “Champions read”
• Provides a focus to be advocates for reading
• CBCA awards tend to reward the adjective over the verb – nothing wrong with page turners – action books
• Should be a CBCA category for debut authors
• Children and teen book market booming – authors for the adult market are now writing teen fiction
• Books on Muslim faith are popular
• Easy reads abound – Beast Quest, Bill B Brown, EJ12, Hey Jack!, Zac Power
• Kids love book series
Diary of a wimpy kid – format is a hit, new book to be released later this year
• Dystopian teen fiction dominates
• Classic is cool! – The great Gatsby
• Graphic novels are popular
• Non fiction picture books – lighter on text.

* Download Paul’s presentation from HERE.

Guest Speaker: Jill Bruce (Author and NSW judge for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Literature Awards 2012-2013), Children’s Book Council of Australia
• Total of eight judges – one from each state
• Judges chosen from CBC members from each state – members apply or nominate for the position as judge
• 365 books read – every book read by every judge – report written
• Books can be entered in more than one category
• Attend Judges Conference – one award category dealt with per day – shortlist and honour books decided by secret ballot
• No category for books in a series – problem created when each book ends with a hook and the next in the series needs to be read
• Criteria for all categories:
 Outstanding titles with literary merit
 Language appropriate to the theme and style of the work with regard to the aesthetic qualities of language
 Originality in the treatment of literary elements
 Quality of illustrations, book design, production, printing and binding.

* Download Jill’s presentation from HERE.

Sponsor: Syba Signs (Jodie)
• Jodie is sharing conference visits with Phyl Williamson
• Involved with National Year of Reading – promotional products available eg. bookmarks, posters, floor mat
• Supporting the reading hour
• Professional Development program 2012 – available at venues beyond Sydney CBD
• Happy to visit schools to discuss your Library needs.

Guest Speakers: Cheryl Farkas (Literacy Consultant K-6 Western Sydney region), Caroline Hopwood (Middle Years Literacy Consultant Western Sydney Region), Julie Grazotis (Teacher Librarian, Banks PS)

Literacy Comprehension Strategies: Cheryl and Caroline – Introduction
• Literacy Continuum K-10
 Provides clear and accessible representation of the development of the critical aspects of literacy across the seven years of primary education
 Sound research based evidence to plan teaching to meet individual student needs at all levels
 Explicit descriptions of the skill and knowledge involved in progressive development and achievement in literacy
 Recognises and includes digital literacy across all levels of schooling
 Covers 8 critical aspects – 3 constrained skills and 5 unconstrained skills
Constrained skills – Phonics, Phonemic Awareness and Concepts About Print
Unconstrained Skills – Reading Texts, comprehension, Aspects of Speaking, Vocabulary and Aspects of Writing
 Each of the 8 critical aspects need to be unpacked:
One aspect at a time
Unpack the definition
Select the cluster most appropriate for your students
Unpack the cluster marker under the chosen cluster
Select the marker that needs to be explicitly taught
• Handouts – Literacy Continuum PowerPoint presentation & Teaching reading comprehension strategies.

* Download Cheryl and Caroline’s presentations from HERE (Introduction to the literacy continuum), HERE (interactive literacy continuum chart) and HERE (K-6 comprehension strategies).

• Contact Cheryl cheryl.farkas@det.nsw.edu.au
• Contact Caroline caroline.hopwood@det.nsw.edu.au

Primary Session: Julie Grazotis
Super Six Strategies – how to use them in the Library
• Good readers – Read, Make Connections, Predict, Visualise, Question, Monitor and Summarise
• Books are like windows and mirrors:
 Windows allow us to look through the book and see the lives of others. We can learn new ideas about people in the world
 Mirrors reflect our own lives
• Predicting – use ‘See, Think, Wonder’ model
• Visualising – ‘See With Your Mind’
• Questioning – The 5Ws (Who? What? When? Where? Why?)
• Monitoring – ‘The Five Finger Test’, ‘Can It Be For Me?’ – steps to select suitable and interesting books
• Summarising – PMI chart.

* Download Julie’s presentations from HERE (strategies) and HERE (reading solutions).

Guest Speaker: Lisa Forrest (Author/Olympian) – ‘Making the Most of It’
• A varied career to date – author, actor, TV and radio presenter, interviewer, mother and Olympian
• Experiences as a swimmer representing Australia, in particular, her representation at the 1980 Olympic Games, have influenced and provided subject matter for her writing
• 2012 CBCA theme might use a sporting angle in this Olympic year: “Champions read”.

Next Committee meeting: 3.45pm, Wednesday 6 June at Penrith Panthers.
Meeting concluded: 3:30pm

March 19

Committee meeting minutes – Thursday 15 March 2012

Venue: Blacktown Sports Club
Meeting opened: 4.00pm
Present: Jenny Scheffers, Honor White, Jan Poona, Lee Arundel, Ian McLean, Cathie Cattermole, Fran Mead, Shelley Napper, Belinda Doyle and Michele Young
Apologies: Lorraine Baxter, Lyn Drew, Sue Pitt, Julie Grazotis and Susan Burke

• Colleen Blancato resigned from the committee – working at CLIC for six months, possibly longer
• Thanks to Ian for hosting Term 1 afternoon tea meeting – a successful afternoon
• Term 3 Afternoon Tea – Catherine Cattermole, TL at James Erskine PS
• Changes to Premier’s Reading Challenge – Jenny to email Ian with information from Belinda Gymer (Emu Plains) – Ian to scribe a response on behalf of the committee and email to Jenny. Jenny to sign and post response
• Need for OASIS training?? – Lorraine to email TLs on the data base to survey the need to organise a training session/s in the district. Jenny will contact Colleen Foley about how to organise the sessions and Laureen Sheppard as a possible OASIS presenter.

• Money available to assist with Term 4 Conference costs.

• “The very cranky bear” book and toy pack (picture book by Nick Bland) available at Dymocks and ABC Shops – ALIA National Simultaneous Storytime in May.

• QR code available for PMBW – scan code using phone for direct link to our website.

• ALOUD program – applications available through CBCA website (Honor is on the CBCA committee along with Jackie Hawkes). Jackie has compiled ideas from the November 2011 think tank for the National Year of Reading HERE (click on the hyperlink)

Organisation for 2012.

Term 2 Professional Learning Day – Tuesday 22 May (Week 5)
• TL host – Alison Johnson, Cambridge Park HS, Harrow Road, Cambridge Park, Phone: 4731 6722 (No parking in school grounds.)
• Maximum number of participants – 70
• Agenda
o Focus on literacy – tie in with National Year of Reading
o Children’s Book Council of Australia – Jill Bruce (CBCA judge) or Jackie Hawkes
o Review of the Shortlisted CBCA titles and What’s Hot – Paul MacDonald
o K-6 Literacy Consultant – Cheryl Farkas
o Practical Examples of Literacy Strategies – Julie Grazotis
o Author Talk – Lisa Forest or James Roy?
o Sponsor – Syba Signs – NYR merchandise
• Alison has own bookshop – will have a flyer to add to folders
• Catering by Cambridge Park High – allow $16 – $20 per head.
 Jenny to finalise the program and list on MyPL by the end of term if possible
 Lorraine to email details and Agenda to TLs
 Jan to visit Alison about two weeks prior to the meeting to assess the library facilities – registration tables, tea/coffee, sponsor space, pinboards for Syba Signs, catering, floor space etc
 Michele to contact Cathie regarding PD Evaluation Form and Response Sheet
 Fran to purchase seven gifts for presenters – $30 each
 Jenny to email Thankyou card template to Fran
 No meeting prior to the day – Jenny to email jobs to committee members.

Term 3 Afternoon Tea
• Wednesday 29 August (Week 7)
• TL – Catherine Cattermole
• James Erskine PS
• 3:30 – 5:00pm
• Book Week discussion
 Cathie to email Jenny regarding school information – phone number, address, parking etc
 Flyer to be added to Term 2 meeting folder.

Term 4 2011 Professional Learning Conference
• Date – Thursday or Tuesday Week 5 Term 4
• Showbags – will need to place an order
• Option 1 – preferred – Keeping Books Alive Literacy Conference organised by the Australian Children’s Literacy Board (refer to flyer). Jenny to liaise with Sue for more details
Possible venues – Sebel or Penrith Panthers
• Option 2 – Primary / High School Tours – possibility for 2013
Primary TLs to tour and attend a conference session at selected Primary School Libraries & High School TLs to tour and attend a conference session at each selected HS library
Possibly hire a bus for transport between schools
Primary and High School TLs meet at one venue for lunch.

Next Committee Meeting: 3.45pm Thursday 7 June at Penrith Panthers
Meeting closed: 4.45pm

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November 22

PD day minutes

Tuesday 8 November 2011 – St Clair PS
Teacher Librarian: Susan Burke
Welcome: Mrs Judy Loader (Principal St Clair P.S)
Thank you to everyone for attending, Thank you to Susan and staff, Enjoy the day in St Clair’s library.

Welcome & General Business: Jenny Scheffers (Chairperson PMBW Committee)
Acknowledgement of traditional custodians
Thank you to TLs for attending
Housekeeping matters – Susan
Welcome and thank you to the presenters
Welcome and thank you to the sponsors for their attendance and donation of lucky door prizes
Thank you to Syba Signs (not in attendance) for donating lucky door prizes in return for circulating their brochure
Thank you to author Aleesah Darlison for donating two of her books for prizes
Folder contains the following documents: Agenda and Evaluation Form and Syba Signs brochure
Meeting venues 2012
Term 1 Afternoon Tea meeting – Ian McLean (Penrith PS)
Attendance by Lizzie Chase to promote courses available
Term 2 Professional Development Day – Sue Pitt (Plumpton HS) or Alison Johnson (Cambridge Park HS)
Term 3 Afternoon Tea meeting – Catherine Cattermole (James Erskine PS)
Term 4 Professional Development Day – ? Conference year
Next committee meeting – 23 November at Penrith Panthers 3.45pm – approx 5.00pm. Meetings alternate between Penrith Panthers and Blacktown Sports Club. New committee members are welcome. Speak to a committee member if in need of more information.
Badge draw at the end of the day – prizes donated by sponsors
Please complete the Evaluation sheet.

Guest Speakers: Leonie Wittman (Project Leader, Learning Design, CLIC) & Colleen Blancato (CLIC)
Cyber Safety/Digital Citizenship Introduction
Instigated due to the roll out of laptops to students and DEC opening social networks to students after school hours – led to a pilot program for students in Year 10 ‘Staying Safe Online’
This year program has expanded K – 10
Resources made available to schools for students, staff and parents.
Digital Citizenship PowerPoint Presentation
You are a Digital Citizen if you use the internet to comment on things seen or read, research, shop online etc
Students spend a significant amount of time online. Need to be a safe and responsible user of the internet.

Social networking is an important part of young people’s life. 97% of generation Y have joined a social network.
DER team developed six domains of Digital Citizenship (DC). These domains provided guidelines for producing resources.
Digital conduct – learn how to conduct yourself responsibly
Consider your digital footprint
Stay safe in online relationships – recognise and report inappropriate conduct
Maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle when learning
Stay within the law while working and socialising online
Appropriately manage money and shopping online
Domain themes – Cyber Safety and Cyber Bullying
Digital Citizenship website – to go live at the end of the month and includes three sections
Primary (K-6) a series of 11 lessons
Secondary (7 -10) a series of 18 lessons
Information for parents
Lessons are also available through TaLe at www.tale.edu.au
Developed under copyright licence – NEALS and Creative Commons, includes games and videos
Teachers – online course available through MyPL – New Scheme registered
DC will be included in the Australian Curriculum
How schools choose to implement the program is up to them
Developed Resources – units of work are aligned to Syllabus Outcomes where appropriate Themes are revisited and developed through the stages
ES1 – One unit developed ‘Be Aware Before You Share’ – includes activities and teacher’s notes
S2 – Four units of work plus Smart Notebook resources
S3 – Units of work covering net nasties, netiquette, Cyber Charter, Copyright and Plagiarism. Includes activities and videos and links to Web 2 tools.
S4 – Learning activities cross subject areas – focus on DC / Netiquette
S5 – Topics include Digital Footprint, Friend or Spend, eIssues, Careers Online, File sharing and Dash4cache.

Guest Speaker: Robin Morrow (International Board on Books for Young People)
Mirrors and Windows: Why IBBY is important
Robin Morrow – National President of IBBY
IBBY founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1953
There are now 70 sections of IBBY throughout the world
Promote Australian authors and illustrators to the world and world books to Australia
Belief that every child has the right to become a reader and have access to quality books
Programs include the Hans Christian Andersen awards, International Children’s Book Day, Children in Crisis (working with children affected by disasters) and IBBY Honour List
Celebrate International Children’s Book Day on 2nd April (Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday). Ideas for activities will be found on the website
Mirrors and windows – one child’s mirror is another child’s window
Looking to expand membership base – no longer a subgroup of ALIA
Membership subscription – $25 Individual membership, $100 Institutional membership
Further information about IBBY – www.ibby.org” or IBBY Australia at ibbyaustralia.worpress.com

Sponsors Presentations
Cambridge University Press

Guest Speakers: Phil Knight (ICT Consultant K-12, Sydney West Region, Nirimba Education Precinct. Colleen Blancato (CLIC). Laureen Sheppard (Teacher Librarian Katoomba HS)
BlogED found on DET Portal under My Learning Tools tab. This tab will not be found until you are authorised by your Principal to use the tool. Principal must tick the correct box in AMU. Possible audience – private (your school), cross school or Public
Access BlogED dashboard
Manage Blog – set or update blog settings, description, audience, owner, authors, design changes, Blog members
Blog Design – select theme for header, add widgets, change header image (can’t do in standard), import from Web 2 programs eg add a Voki avatar, upload songs from ‘Groove Shark’ and QR code from ‘QR creator’
Create post – title, type content, add tags and publish
Members can comment
Refer to BlogED support resources found under the My Learning Tools tab for instructions and video clips on how to use BlogED
Laureen Sheppard has a Blog titled ‘Oasis Library – View from the Mountains’ for tips on using Oasis.

Concurrent Workshops
A: Primary session – Aleesah Darlison
From country girl to check out chick and finally – published author!
Grew up on family farm – small country town location
Loves animals – inspiration for writing
Writing tips
Write about what you know and love
Construct a character analysis for each character
Visuals help when writing
Design maps of the fictional location
Make use of inspirational places you have visited
Puggle’s Problem – illustrated by Sandra Temple
Puggle is a baby echidna
Warambi – illustrated by Andrew Plant
Theme of bats and preservation of species
Book trailer available
Totally Twins – illustrated by Serena Geddes
Written in Diary format – lists, doodles, text messages
Theme of friends, family and fitting
Persephone – shy, sensible and sensitive
Portia – theatrical, outgoing, bossy and messy
Unicorn Riders – illustrated by Jill Brailsford
4 books released
Same characters are featured but each story stands alone
4 main human characters and 4 unicorn characters
Stories empower girls
Each character finds inner strength to overcome a challenge
Suitable ages 7+
Inspiration – childhood spent collection and adoring unicorns
Aleesah – available for school visits and workshops
Visit the website for free downloads.

B: High School session – Ruth Buchanan Colo HS
Why you’ll be glad you added Twitter to your personal learning network

National Year of Reading
A message from Jackie Hawkes
NYR thinktank meeting 
Penrith City Library, High Street Penrith (next to the Plaza)
Monday November 28 
3:30pm to 5:00pm
Not limited to Penrith area people. All welcome.
The meeting will include information about:
National Year of Reading
Work of Judith Ridge (Westwords and The Western Sydney Young People’s Literature Development Project)
DEC initiatives and support for NYR – Colleen Foley
Penrith City Library activities – Sarah Dean
Children’s Book Council activities – Jackie Hawkes
Informal think tanks for teacher librarians to share brief ideas that encourage our readers to keep reading

Next Committee meeting: 3.45pm Wednesday 23 November at Penrith Panthers Club.
Meeting concluded: 3:30pm

June 22

Committee meeting minutes

Committee Meeting Minutes – Thursday 16 June 2011
Blacktown Sports Club
Meeting opened: 4.10pm
Present: Jenny Scheffers, Honor White, Jan Poona, Sue Pitt, Lee Arundel, Ian McLean, Shelley Napper, Colleen Blancato, Sharon Laurence, Belinda Doyle and Michele Young.
Apologies: Susan Burke, Fran Mead and Lorraine Baxter.

General Discussion
Thanks to everyone for attending today’s meeting
Pleased that the PL day went so well and that the evaluation comments were so positive
Think about an end of year Committee Christmas Dinner.
Plenty in the kitty – includes $240 outstanding from the Term 2 PL day
Do not assume that online registration means payment for PL day has been taken care of automatically by school admin staff.

Evaluation of Term 2 Professional Learning Day
Refer to the Minutes of the PL day
Refer to Evaluation Response Handout – 59 Evaluation forms were collated
Comments about the day were very positive.
A copy of the evaluation comments were sent to presenters
In future, people who have special dietary requirements will be asked to contact and deal with the caterers directly.

Afternoon Tea – Wednesday 31 August 2011 (Term 3 Week 7)
Flyer to be distributed to all TLs who attended the PL Day
Blacktown South P S – Flushcombe Road, Blacktown
3:45 – 5.00pm
Librarian Host – Lee Arundel
Post Book Week discussion / Lee’s new BER Library
RSVP to Lee by 24 August – phone 9622 2449 or email lee.arundel@det.nsw.edu.au
Parking – no access to in-school parking until 3:45pm. Best to park in Flushcombe Road or Benaud Street
No cost involved
Committee members to bring a plate
Lorraine to send a reminder email to TLs early next term.

Discussion Term 4 Professional Learning Day – Tuesday 8 November 2011 (Week 5)
Venue – St Clair Public School
Teacher Librarian Host – Susan Burke
Separate computer lab is available for use
Usual caterer will be employed
Belinda to visit the school and assess the Library area and facilities for presentations, sponsors and catering
Lorraine to send an email, closer to the date, to all TLs informing them of the course code for MY PL registration
Sue to organise two sponsors – suggestions were for an e-book seller and TV For Education (Belinda to give details of TV for Education to Sue).
To include 45 minutes for morning tea, 45 minutes or 1 hour for lunch depending on presentations
Possible presentations
Robin Morrow from IBBY (The International Board on Books for Young people) – a non profit organisation to bring books and children together – 20 minutes to speak about this organisation and their charity/fundraising work?
Robin Morrow – to also speak about visual literacy?
Cyber Safety – CLIC?
Lizzie Chase – “Other Worlds” online materials?
Showcase Library practical lessons? – split High Schools / Primary Schools eg Photopeach, Blogs, Wordle, Animoto + other Web 2.0 tools
Highlight Web 2.0 tools incorporated into upcoming Book Week Book Rap – post an entry on PMBW Blog before the meeting and include links to the Web 2.0 tools to be promoted in workshops?
Yammer (maybe for Term 1 2012)?
Author / Illustrator eg Deborah Abela, Chris Cheng, Roslyn Motter?

Next Committee Meeting: TBA
Meeting closed: 4.55pm.

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June 6

Minutes of professional learning day at Caddies Creek PS

Welcome & General Business: Jenny Scheffers (Chairperson PMBW Committee)
• Acknowledgement of traditional custodians
• Thank you to TLs for attending
• Caddies Creek PS Library – 7 day library – thank you to Marlene
• Housekeeping matters
• Welcome and thank you to our presenters, sponsors – P.O.S.M (Point of Sale material) Pty Ltd & The Children’s Bookshop
• Thank you to Lorraine for publicising today’s meeting
• Term 4 Professional Learning Day – Wednesday 9 November (Week 5) at St Clair PS (Register online at MyPL@DET – type course code into MyPL)
• Folder contains the following documents:
 Agenda
 Term 3 Afternoon Tea flyer – Wednesday 31 August (Week 7) at Blacktown South Public School, Flushcombe Road, Blacktown 3.45 – 5.00pm, Host Teacher Librarian – Lee Arundel
 Evaluation Form.

Federal Parliamentary Enquiry – Lyn Hay and Ross Todd, ASLA & ALIA have set up a blog – asking TLs to be proactive and provide information (data) for evidence based practice on the website
• Syba Signs brochure available – includes Ross Todd’s new publication ‘Curriculum Integration’
• Jan Clarence (Surveyor’s Creek) & Alice Terry (Jamison H.S) are retiring
• Badge draw at the end of the day – prizes donated by sponsors.

Guest Speaker: Colleen Foley (Manager Team Leader, School Libraries and Information Literacy, NSW, CLIC)
Support for Teacher Librarians: DET update
• Now part of the NSW Curriculum & Learning Innovation Centre (CLIC)
• Refer to Handout – ‘School Libraries supporting teaching and learning in a digital age’
 www.curriculumsupport.education.nsw.gov.au/schoollibraries/
 Key Contacts
 Scan
 Raps and book raps
 Links4Learning
 Information Literacy, reading & e-resources

• Federal Enquiry
 Available online (direct link through ‘Hot Topics’)
 Look at overview and recommendations
 Model of NSW Department of Education and Training held up as a good one for others to follow
 Importance of evidence based practice

• Australian Curriculum
 Information Literacy (ISP) recognised as an essential 21st century skill operating across the curriculum
 Is this or related ICT capabilities made explicit enough for 21st century curriculum?
 NSW not yet implementing the Australian curriculum

• Links4Learning in My Library
 L4L is available 24/7 to all DET school staff and students in ‘My Library’
 Go to H3 Library Management to change information in ‘My Library Links’ section
 A search in ‘My Library’ will capture L4L sites
 L4L includes some freely available e-books
 Access to electronic resources
 TL still needs access to Oasis DOS Enquiry for library management functions
• Updated one day Oasis training package is available – includes a module on ‘My Library’
• Raps and Book Raps
 New look
 Raps archive
 Not a concern if time frame for a rap is not strictly followed
 Book Week picture book rap coming for Term 3
 Shaun Tan Rap – Term 2 for stages 2 & 3 – new front page interface – links to PRC & CLIC on front page.

Guest Speaker: Paul MacDonald (The Children’s Bookshop)
Review of the Shortlisted CBCA titles and What’s Hot
• The Children’s Bookshop is celebrating its 40th year
• Email Paul for a copy of his presentation at staff@thechildrensbookshop.com.au
• ‘Future Minds: How the digital age is changing our minds, why this matters and what we can do about it’ by Richard Watson
Discusses the need of books for reading for pleasure, shared experiences, the need for permanent historical artefacts and the need to promote hard reading to encourage resilience
• Kids spend up to 40 hours per week looking at a screen – any screen
• Book Trailers – kids promote reading to each other – Google book trailers
• 2011 Shortlist
 CBCA 2011 Theme – One World, Many Stories
 Provides a focus to be advocates for reading
 Visit Mrs Mac’s Library website for links to Shortlisted books and more
• Picture books are booming at the moment
• Picture books dealing with manners are popular
• Teen/Adult – the market is blurring
• Non-fiction is struggling – moving to coffee table items.

The Children’s Bookshop: 10% discount for Teachers, 15% discount for books, 20% discount for class sets, provide lists for literature circles and class sets, host network meetings.

Sponsor• P.O.S.M (Point of Sale Material) Pty. Ltd – Keith Ward & Peter Wickenden
• www.posm.com.au
• Phone: 0296441466
• Approx. 3500 products – retail display, product presentation
• Many products will be of interest for use in the library eg adhesive plastic strips to display children’s work, trolley, baskets, wall mounts for hanging posters, ceiling clips, label maker, snap opening frames, zig zag system for book display, white boards and led lighting.

Concurrent Workshops: Implementing Guided Inquiry
A: Guided Inquiry in Primary Schools – Jenny Scheffers (Teacher Librarian Caddies Creek PS), Peter Lehner (Assistant Principal Caddies Creek PS), Dylan Macdonald and Ethan Prasetya (Year 6 students Caddies Creek PS) & Colleen Blancato (Teacher Librarian Hassall Grove PS)
• Jenny: Refer to handouts ‘Putting Guided Inquiry into Practice – a Primary School perspective’ & ‘Year 6 CPT Guided Inquiry unit Antarctica’
• Definition – SCAN 2006 Ross Todd
• Framework – Research River – posters created by Lee Fitzgerald
• Colleen: Useful Web 2.0 tools include ‘Weblists’, ‘Wallwisher’, ‘Glogster’ and ‘linoit’.
B: Guided Inquiry in a High School – Cathy Hill (Head of Library & Information Science P-12), Belinda Davies (Year 7 Core) & Yvonne Hammer (Head of Gifted and Independent Learning, St Paul’s Grammar School, Cranebrook)

Guest Speaker: Leanne Samootin (K-12 ICT Consultant Western Sydney Region)
Presentation: Web 2 and Search Engines
• Weblist – http://weblist.me/
 Free sign up
 Can search for lists
 Make up own list
 Leanne’s weblist – Click here: ICT Tools for TLs in Schools
• Fred
• Eyeplorer – visual search engine
• Glean Learning Tools – information literacy tools
 Boolify – http://www.boolify.org
 Comparison Search – www.gleancomparisonsearch.org (grades 4 – 12)
 Who Is – www.gleanwhois.org (grades 5 – 12)
• WolframAlpha – www.wolframalpha.com computational knowledge engine
• Watchknow – www.watchknow.org organised list of videos
• Gapminder – www.gapminder.org another way of looking at statistical information, look at trends over time
• Other Worlds – http://otherworlds.yolasite.com
 Creating multimedia stories – stages 3 & 4
 Focus on using web 2 tools
 Framework for creating digital stories
 e-book guide
• Topicmarks – http://topicmarks.com/ summarises text
 Free – need to sign up
 Accepts word document, pdf, paste a link
• Bibme – http://www.bibme.org/ online bibliography maker
• Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/ social book club.

Next Committee meeting: 3.45pm Thursday 16 June at Blacktown Sports Club.
Meeting concluded: 3:30pm

November 29

Minutes of committee meeting

Committee Meeting Minutes – Wednesday 24 November 2010
Venue: Penrith Panthers
Meeting opened: 4.05pm
Present: Jenny Scheffers, Honor White, Jan Poona, Lee Arundel, Ian McLean, Isabelle Cumberland, Shelley Napper, Colleen Blancato, Fran Mead, Sharon Laurence, Susan Burke and Michele Young.
Apologies: Belinda Doyle, Lorraine Baxter, Radha Achar, Cathie Cattermole and Sue Pitt.

Evaluation of Term 4 Professional Learning Day
• A very successful day (following a very stressful time prior to the event)
• Thank you to Committee members
• Ross Todd’s attendance at the meeting – not available for the full day. Fee was discounted following discussion and an itemised invoice was requested
• A copy of the evaluation comments were sent to presenters
• New logo looked great on showbags
My PL site – delegates status changed to “Completed”.

• Comments about the day were extremely positive
• Refer to Evaluation Response Handout.

• All expenses have been paid
• $$$ left in the kitty.

• Presented flowers and wine to Jenny, on behalf of the committee, in appreciation of all the work she does as Chairperson
• Investigate the cost of acquiring more space on Edublogs.

Election of Committee for 2011

Jenny Scheffers, Chairperson, Caddies Creek PS
Ian McLean, Assistant Chairperson, Penrith PS
Lee Arundel, Treasurer, Blacktown South PS
Colleen Blancato, My PL Coordinator
Fran Mead, Secretary, Eastern Creek PS
Michele Young, Minutes Secretary, Kingswood PS
Sue Pitt, Sponsorship Organiser, Plumpton HS
Belinda Doyle, Gift Organiser, Erskine Park HS
Lorraine Baxter, Badges, Email Organiser, Werrington County PS
Honor White, Certificate Organiser, Rooty Hill HS
Isabelle Cumberland, Committee, Colyton PS
Sharon Laurence, Committee, Rouse Hill HS
Shelly Napper, Committee, Quakers Hill PS
Janice Poona, Committee, Rooty Hill PS
Susan Burke, Committee, St Clair PS.

Organisation for 2011
Term 1 Afternoon Tea – Week 6 Wednesday ??
• TL – Ian McLean
• Penrith P.S
• 3:45 – 5.00pm
• Committee members to bring a plate
• Lorraine to send an invitation via email to TLs early next term (NB. no committee meeting before this date).

Term 3 Afternoon Tea
• Date to be announced
• TL – Lee Arundel
• Blacktown South PS.

Term 2 2011 Professional Learning Day – Thursday 2 June 2011 (Week 6)
• TL – Jenny Scheffers
• Caddies Creek P.S
• Increase attendance fee to $40
• Proposed Agenda
9.00 – 9.30am Colleen Foley (DET update)
9.30 – 10.30 Paul McDonald
11.00 – 12.00 Guided Inquiry (Primary / High School groups)
12.00 – 1.00pm Web 2.0 tools relating to Guided Inquiry – Leanne Samootin?
2.00 – 3.00 CLI (CLIC) DET resources
• Colleen to follow up CLI DET resources
• Jenny to contact and book Paul and Colleen
• Jenny to book caterers
• Invite Syba Signs as a sponsor to promote resources supporting Guided Inquiry.

Term 4 2011 Professional Learning Day
• Date to be announced
• TL – Susan Burke
• St. Clair PS.

Next Committee Meeting: 3.45pm Blacktown Sports Club – date to be announced
Meeting closed: 5.05pm.

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