December 16

Committee Meeting Minutes – Thursday 8 December 2016

Venue: Penrith Panthers
Meeting opened: 4.10pm
Present: Ian McLean, Jenny Scheffers, Jennifer Dengate, Julie Grazotis, Jan Poona, Sue Pitt, Cate Yard, Vicci Bishop, Joanna Deegan and Michele Young.
Apologies: Maria Formica, Fran Mead, Lorraine Baxter and Natalie Ignacz.

• Maria Formica has resigned from the committee as she has accepted a position in Lawson and will attend the Blue Mountains Teacher Librarian Network meetings.
• Sue Pitt will transfer to Cranebrook HS in 2017
• Night of the Notables – CBCA NSW event at Dymocks in the city early 2017
• Anticipate! Appreciate! Applaud! The CBCA Short List – Tuesday March 28, Rydges Sydney Central 28 Albion Street Surry Hills, 9.00am – 3.30pm. Registrations open

Jan gave her Treasurer’s Report

Jenny Dengate
• Glenmore Park HS has a subscription to Wheelers ebooks
• Easy to use / multiple copies of titles
• Promotion $995 – Subscription for 2017 plus Term 4 2016 free
 Ian – contact Colleen Blancato for any updates on NSW ebook subscription and guidelines for the promotion of ebook providers.

2017 Organisation
• Term 1 Afternoon Tea Meeting – hosted by Terrie O’Hearn, Hambledon PS?
• Term 2 Full Day Meeting – hosted by Christien Midgley, Hebersham PS?
• Term 3 Afternoon Tea Meeting – hosted by Karuna Chetty, Nepean HS?
• Term 4 Possible Department of Education Conference.

Term 1 Afternoon Tea Meeting
• Wednesday or Thursday Week 7 or 8?
• Possible 2pm start?
• Topic – Professional Development Plans for Teacher Librarians
o Possible guest speaker – Louise King (DoE, Teacher Quality Advisor)?
o Small group discussion and sharing of ideas

 Ian – contact Terrie re date of meeting and start time
 Ian – contact Louise King
 Jenny – visit Hambledon PS to check out the school facilities
 Committee members to copy and share their PDP.

Term 2 Full Day Meeting
• Date to be confirmed – possibly Week 9 Wednesday or Thursday (alternate day with Term 1 meeting)
• Agenda:
o Michelle Jensen – ASLA and Maker Spaces?
o Paul MacDonald – CBCA Short List?
o Catherine Thompson (DoE) – Contextual Concepts?
o Julie Grazotis and Jenny Dengate – Google Apps (G Suite)
o Practical Application for the Classroom
o Author – Walker Books?

 Ian – contact Christien to confirm date, check on availability of breakaway rooms, wifi and computers
 Ian – contact Catherine Thompson
 Jenny – contact Walker Books re author availability
 Marianne – contact Michelle Jensen
 Jan – visit Hebersham to check out the school facilities.

Term 3 Afternoon Tea Meeting
• Possible guest speaker – Dr Belle Alderman of the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature?

Next Committee Meeting: 4.00pm at Blacktown Worker’s Sports Club (Week 3, Thursday 9th February 2017)
Meeting closed: 5.10pm.

October 31

Welcome to Term 4

Both Jenny Scheffers and I have been on Long Service Leave. A belated welcome to Term 4.

I have just updated the Committee list for 2017. It’s a hyperlink from the top of this main page. A big thank you to Jenny, who has stepped down as Chairperson after many years in the position. We already miss her, but she is also staying on the Committee and will be helping Jan Poona, Michele Young and I to tackle the MyPL site when we register our Professional Learning events. A big thank you to all returning and new Committee members.

Jenny says, “Thank you everyone for the beautiful flower arrangement, vase and hand-painted card. I was very overwhelmed! Thank you also for everyone’s wonderful support and friendship over the past nine years as Chairperson (and longer as Secretary & a general committee member). We are so very fortunate to have such a hard working, cohesive and professional Committee! I look forward now to being a general Committee member…”

Hope you have a stress-free conclusion to your year. See you all at our next event in 2017!

Ian McLean
Chairperson 2017
PMBW Teacher Librarian Professional Learning Group.

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August 22

Meet Aleesah Darlison at our AGM

Our Term 3 2016 Afternoon Tea Meeting is also our Annual General Meeting to establish the 2017 Committee positions.

• Hosted by Lyn Drew – Penrith South PS (Committee members please bring a plate)
• Thursday 22 September (Week 10, Term 3)
• From 3:30 – 5pm
• Special guest – author Aleesah Darlison
• Copies of Aleesah’s books will be available for sale on the day by The Children’s Bookshop

We look forward to seeing you all.

August 9

Committee Meeting Minutes – Thursday 28 July 2016

Venue: Penrith Panthers
Meeting opened: 4.00pm
Present: Jenny Scheffers, Cathie Cattermole, Ian McLean, Jan Poona, Vicci Bishop, Sue Pitt, Lolita Garcia, Julie Grazotis, Lorraine Baxter, Natalie Ignacz, Marianne Grasso and Michele Young
Apologies: Fran Mead and Jennifer Dengate.

• Welcome to Vicci who works with Jan at Rooty Hill PS
• Thank you to the Committee for Conference organisation
• Thank you to Cathie for designing the Flyers and for organising the Thank you cards
• Thank you to Julie for the Evaluation report
• Julie and Jenny Dengate are our representatives for the Department Conference
• Marianne is the SLAV NSW representative on the Department Conference Committee
• Committee members asked to consider taking on the Chairperson role from 2017.

Jan (Treasurer’s Report)
• Waiting for ten Conference payments
• It will be necessary to meet later in the year to discuss how PMBW finances will work in with the introduction of LMBR.
• Committee agreed to present a thank you gift or flowers to Jan’s SAM.

• Evaluation of Term 2 Professional Learning Day – very positive feedback
• Refer to handout
• For Jenny Williams resources – access her website
• BOSTES – majority of delegates are at Proficient level with some aiming for Highly Accomplished
• Used Google Forms for the Evaluation – go to Google apps link on your Portal page.

• A Connected Classroom session with Aleesah Darlison available through DART ($110).

Term 3 2016 Afternoon Tea Meeting plus AGM
• Hosted by Lyn Drew – Penrith South PS
• Thursday 22 September (Week 10, Term 3)
• From 3:30 – 5pm
• Special guest – author Aleesah Darlison
• Copies of Aleesah’s books will be available for sale on the day by The Children’s Bookshop
 Committee members to bring a plate
 Lorraine – send a reminder email to PBMW members
 Marianne – liaise with Jenny about contacting Michelle Jensen to offer her 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting to discuss/promote SLA NSW.

Term 4 2016 Department of Education Conference
• Monday 17 October.

Organisation for 2017
Term 1 2017 Afternoon Tea Meeting
• TL – Terrie O’Hearn
• Hambledon PS
 Jenny – contact Terrie to ask if the Library is suitable for a full day meeting and if wifi is available
Term 2 2017 Full Day Meeting
• TL – Christien Midgley
• Hebersham PS
Term 3 2017 Afternoon Tea Meeting
• TL – Karuna Chetty
• Nepean HS
Term 4 2017 Department Conference?

Possible Topics for Professional Learning Days 2017
• Hands on workshop using Google Docs?
• Makerspaces – Michelle Jensen?
• eBooks – Overdrive & Wheelers?
• Promoting features of Oliver?
• PDPs and the accreditation process for Teacher Librarians?
• Afternoon Tea – informal discussion, bring along your favourite book, promote PRC?
– guest author – Walker Books?
 Marianne to contact Michelle Jensen to ask if she would be interested in presenting a session at the full day meeting?
 Jenny – contact Colleen Foley about a speaker on the PDP and accreditation topic.

Next Committee Meeting: 3.45pm at Blacktown Workers’ Sports Club (date TBA)
Meeting closed: 4:55pm.

July 7

CBCA Book of the Year Awards slideshow

At our Term 2 full-day conference, “Connect to collaborate and create”, The Children’s Bookshop proprietor, Paul Macdonald, was one of our guest speakers. Paul has given us his slideshow file to share here, so that teacher librarians can share his presentation on the CBCA Book of the Year Awards’ nominees, and what’s currently “hot” in reading, to teachers and students in their schools. Thank you Paul.

June 29

A new blog to support Book Week

In association with the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s NSW Branch, teacher librarians Ian McLean and Jackie Hawkes have set up a blog to help students to explore the 2016 CBCA Book of the Year Awards, the “Notable books”, Short List, Honour Books and gold-medal winners, and to support CBCA NSW initiatives, such as the Kids AAA event.

Kids AAA blog

Check it out at: HERE.

June 14

Committee Meeting Minutes – Thursday 26 May 2016

Venue: Penrith Panthers
Meeting opened: 4.05pm
Present: Jenny Scheffers, Cathie Cattermole, Ian McLean, Jennifer Dengate, Jan Poona, Sue Pitt and Michele Young.
Apologies: Fran Mead, Lolita Garcia, Julie Grazotis, Lorraine Baxter and Natalie Ignacz.

General Business
• Jenny announced that she will be retiring from the position of PMBW Chairperson at the end of 2016. She intends to continue with her support as a Committee member
• Ian will write a short article for Scan, including photos, about our Term 2 Conference
• Ian shared a handout promoting the Jackie French Travelling Suitcase and the blog to support the CBCA Notables and “Book of the Year Awards” Short List at

Jan (Treasurer’s Report)
• $500 deposit paid for Term 2 conference. 50% of balance owing is due to be paid next week.

Term 2 2016 Conference
• Rooty Hill Club – Waratah room
• Thursday 30th June
• 82 registrations at present, up to 100 is acceptable
• See handout for Function details
• Venue seating – tables of 8
• Club will provide notepad and pen for delegates
• Access from 7am via trade entrance – lift available for sponsors
• Jenny emailed Colleen Foley to ask if SCIS could donate any books for the Lucky Door prizes
• Show bags – will contain the Agenda, Evaluation Form, Jenny William’s Handout, Term 3 Afternoon Tea with Aleesah Darlison Handout and a Scholastic book
• Sponsors – organised by Sue – Teacher’s Health, Scholastic, Syba Signs, Copyright Agency, CBCA and The Children’s Bookshop
• Introduction and thank you to presenters
Cathie – Dr Nerida McCredie
Ian – Paul Macdonald
Natalie – Jenny Williams

 Jenny – confirm menu and finalise the number of delegates requesting special dietary requirements
 Jenny – check venue for wifi access
 Jenny – email Club PMBW Logo for signage
 Jenny – copy handouts in colour at Caddies Creek PS. School to invoice PMBW for cost of paper and printing
 Jenny – liaise with Jackie Hawkes about selling CBCA merchandise at the trade fair
 Jenny – bring a spare laptop to the conference
 Jenny – make announcements before and during lunch to remind delegates to visit the Trade Fair. Ask Events Manager if morning and afternoon tea can be set up near the Sponsor’s tables
 Fran – Purchase gifts for presenters
 Cathie – prepare ‘Reserved’ signs for Committee tables
 Cathie – organise the design and purchase of Thank you cards through Vista Print. Add PMBW logo to the back of the card. Email Jenny and the Committee a copy of the final design
 Michele – organise folders for showbags
 Jan – organise different showbag styles for primary and high school
 Jan – bring PMBW banners
 Lorraine – email delegates information about parking, Club entry etc in the week before the conference
 Lorraine – organise delegate badges
 Natalie – organise certificates.

Next meeting – Conference preparation – Thursday 16 June (Week 8) at Plumpton HS
Sue, Jenny, Jan and Michele to attend to fill showbags

Next Committee Meeting: 3.45pm at Blacktown Workers’ Sports Club (date TBA)
Meeting closed: 5.10pm

May 15

The CBCA Shortlist. Soon!

CBCA 2016

The Children’s Book Council of Australia announces the Shortlist on Friday! Have you seen the great merchandise for celebrating Book Week this year? (Includes an amazing poster by Shaun Tan.) Click for more information HERE

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April 18

Term 2 full-day conference – Connect to collaborate and create

Here are some details of our next full-day conference, Connect to collaborate and create at Rooty Hill RSL. The PMBW Group is pleased to be able to subsidise the cost to delegates. The reduced cost will be about $70-$80 (exact costing still to be finalised), which includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Registration details and a detailed copy of the program will be emailed shortly.

Please ensure you discuss this dynamic event now with your school’s Professional Learning Team and book this date in! This will be a most relevant, practical and valuable Conference!

Date: Thursday 30th June at Rooty Hill RSL
8:15 – 9:00am Registration & Coffee
9:00 – 9:10am Welcome, Housekeeping & General Business
9:10 – 11:10am Unpacking how pictures and text work together; Using visual literacy to plan for English K-12: Jenny Williams
11:10 – 11:45am Morning tea

11:45 – 12:45pm CBCA Shortlisted books and What’s Hot: Paul Macdonald , Children’s Bookshop, Beecroft

12:45 – 1:45pm Lunch

1:45 – 3:15pm Google Apps for Education: Dr Nerida McCredie
3:15 – 3:30pm Evaluation
3.30 – 4.30pm Afternoon Tea

A large trade fair will also be a part of the day with suppliers showcasing their library resources and products.

Jenny Scheffers (Teacher Librarian Caddies Creek PS)
Penrith, Mt Druitt, Blacktown & Windsor Teacher Librarian Professional Learning Group

March 30

Pics from the Deborah Abela book launch

Children’s author Deborah Abela launched her new book, “Teresa: a new Australian”, at our Term 1 literary afternoon tea. With this title, Deb delves into her own past to bring us a story of courage, strength and a plucky little Maltese Australian girl…


Deb 1

Deb 2

Thank you Deb for a wonderful event, and to our host, Jenny Dengate.