June 28

Upcoming: Stage 1 & 2 Book Week rap

Hi everyone!

Just letting you know that the School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit (of NSW DEC’s CLIC) is hosting an exciting Stage 1 & 2 Book Week rap, based on the shortlisted picture books (from across the various categories). The rap will run from Weeks 5- 10 Term 3. Teacher Librarians Ian McLean (Penrith PS) and Jenny Scheffers (Caddies Creek PS) will be coordinating this dynamic book rap, along with Cath Keane (Editor Scan).

We are hoping to have a lot of schools from across our network take part. So if you’re interested, please start mentioning it to a few class teachers now so you can have them “lined up” ready to go! You’ll need to start reading the shortlisted picture books to classes from the start of next term in readiness for the commemncement of the book rap in Week 5. Lots of exciting T & L activities (including Web 2.0) are planned!

We hope you will join us!

Jenny Scheffers
Chairperson PMBW Teacher Librarian Professional Learning Group

June 22

Committee meeting minutes

Committee Meeting Minutes – Thursday 16 June 2011
Blacktown Sports Club
Meeting opened: 4.10pm
Present: Jenny Scheffers, Honor White, Jan Poona, Sue Pitt, Lee Arundel, Ian McLean, Shelley Napper, Colleen Blancato, Sharon Laurence, Belinda Doyle and Michele Young.
Apologies: Susan Burke, Fran Mead and Lorraine Baxter.

General Discussion
Thanks to everyone for attending today’s meeting
Pleased that the PL day went so well and that the evaluation comments were so positive
Think about an end of year Committee Christmas Dinner.
Plenty in the kitty – includes $240 outstanding from the Term 2 PL day
Do not assume that online registration means payment for PL day has been taken care of automatically by school admin staff.

Evaluation of Term 2 Professional Learning Day
Refer to the Minutes of the PL day
Refer to Evaluation Response Handout – 59 Evaluation forms were collated
Comments about the day were very positive.
A copy of the evaluation comments were sent to presenters
In future, people who have special dietary requirements will be asked to contact and deal with the caterers directly.

Afternoon Tea – Wednesday 31 August 2011 (Term 3 Week 7)
Flyer to be distributed to all TLs who attended the PL Day
Blacktown South P S – Flushcombe Road, Blacktown
3:45 – 5.00pm
Librarian Host – Lee Arundel
Post Book Week discussion / Lee’s new BER Library
RSVP to Lee by 24 August – phone 9622 2449 or email lee.arundel@det.nsw.edu.au
Parking – no access to in-school parking until 3:45pm. Best to park in Flushcombe Road or Benaud Street
No cost involved
Committee members to bring a plate
Lorraine to send a reminder email to TLs early next term.

Discussion Term 4 Professional Learning Day – Tuesday 8 November 2011 (Week 5)
Venue – St Clair Public School
Teacher Librarian Host – Susan Burke
Separate computer lab is available for use
Usual caterer will be employed
Belinda to visit the school and assess the Library area and facilities for presentations, sponsors and catering
Lorraine to send an email, closer to the date, to all TLs informing them of the course code for MY PL registration
Sue to organise two sponsors – suggestions were for an e-book seller and TV For Education (Belinda to give details of TV for Education to Sue).
To include 45 minutes for morning tea, 45 minutes or 1 hour for lunch depending on presentations
Possible presentations
Robin Morrow from IBBY (The International Board on Books for Young people) – a non profit organisation to bring books and children together – 20 minutes to speak about this organisation and their charity/fundraising work?
Robin Morrow – to also speak about visual literacy?
Cyber Safety – CLIC?
Lizzie Chase – “Other Worlds” online materials?
Showcase Library practical lessons? – split High Schools / Primary Schools eg Photopeach, Blogs, Wordle, Animoto + other Web 2.0 tools
Highlight Web 2.0 tools incorporated into upcoming Book Week Book Rap – post an entry on PMBW Blog before the meeting and include links to the Web 2.0 tools to be promoted in workshops?
Yammer (maybe for Term 1 2012)?
Author / Illustrator eg Deborah Abela, Chris Cheng, Roslyn Motter?

Next Committee Meeting: TBA
Meeting closed: 4.55pm.

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June 6

Minutes of professional learning day at Caddies Creek PS

Welcome & General Business: Jenny Scheffers (Chairperson PMBW Committee)
• Acknowledgement of traditional custodians
• Thank you to TLs for attending
• Caddies Creek PS Library – 7 day library – thank you to Marlene
• Housekeeping matters
• Welcome and thank you to our presenters, sponsors – P.O.S.M (Point of Sale material) Pty Ltd & The Children’s Bookshop
• Thank you to Lorraine for publicising today’s meeting
• Term 4 Professional Learning Day – Wednesday 9 November (Week 5) at St Clair PS (Register online at MyPL@DET – type course code into MyPL)
• Folder contains the following documents:
 Agenda
 Term 3 Afternoon Tea flyer – Wednesday 31 August (Week 7) at Blacktown South Public School, Flushcombe Road, Blacktown 3.45 – 5.00pm, Host Teacher Librarian – Lee Arundel
 Evaluation Form.

Federal Parliamentary Enquiry – Lyn Hay and Ross Todd, ASLA & ALIA have set up a blog – asking TLs to be proactive and provide information (data) for evidence based practice on the website
• Syba Signs brochure available – includes Ross Todd’s new publication ‘Curriculum Integration’
• Jan Clarence (Surveyor’s Creek) & Alice Terry (Jamison H.S) are retiring
• Badge draw at the end of the day – prizes donated by sponsors.

Guest Speaker: Colleen Foley (Manager Team Leader, School Libraries and Information Literacy, NSW, CLIC)
Support for Teacher Librarians: DET update
• Now part of the NSW Curriculum & Learning Innovation Centre (CLIC)
• Refer to Handout – ‘School Libraries supporting teaching and learning in a digital age’
 www.curriculumsupport.education.nsw.gov.au/schoollibraries/
 Key Contacts
 Scan
 Raps and book raps
 Links4Learning
 Information Literacy, reading & e-resources

• Federal Enquiry
 Available online (direct link through ‘Hot Topics’)
 Look at overview and recommendations
 Model of NSW Department of Education and Training held up as a good one for others to follow
 Importance of evidence based practice

• Australian Curriculum
 Information Literacy (ISP) recognised as an essential 21st century skill operating across the curriculum
 Is this or related ICT capabilities made explicit enough for 21st century curriculum?
 NSW not yet implementing the Australian curriculum

• Links4Learning in My Library
 L4L is available 24/7 to all DET school staff and students in ‘My Library’
 Go to H3 Library Management to change information in ‘My Library Links’ section
 A search in ‘My Library’ will capture L4L sites
 L4L includes some freely available e-books
 Access to electronic resources
 TL still needs access to Oasis DOS Enquiry for library management functions
• Updated one day Oasis training package is available – includes a module on ‘My Library’
• Raps and Book Raps
 New look
 Raps archive
 Not a concern if time frame for a rap is not strictly followed
 Book Week picture book rap coming for Term 3
 Shaun Tan Rap – Term 2 for stages 2 & 3 – new front page interface – links to PRC & CLIC on front page.

Guest Speaker: Paul MacDonald (The Children’s Bookshop)
Review of the Shortlisted CBCA titles and What’s Hot
• The Children’s Bookshop is celebrating its 40th year
• Email Paul for a copy of his presentation at staff@thechildrensbookshop.com.au
• ‘Future Minds: How the digital age is changing our minds, why this matters and what we can do about it’ by Richard Watson
Discusses the need of books for reading for pleasure, shared experiences, the need for permanent historical artefacts and the need to promote hard reading to encourage resilience
• Kids spend up to 40 hours per week looking at a screen – any screen
• Book Trailers – kids promote reading to each other – Google book trailers
• 2011 Shortlist
 CBCA 2011 Theme – One World, Many Stories
 Provides a focus to be advocates for reading
 Visit Mrs Mac’s Library website for links to Shortlisted books and more
• Picture books are booming at the moment
• Picture books dealing with manners are popular
• Teen/Adult – the market is blurring
• Non-fiction is struggling – moving to coffee table items.

The Children’s Bookshop: 10% discount for Teachers, 15% discount for books, 20% discount for class sets, provide lists for literature circles and class sets, host network meetings.

Sponsor• P.O.S.M (Point of Sale Material) Pty. Ltd – Keith Ward & Peter Wickenden
• www.posm.com.au
• Phone: 0296441466
• Approx. 3500 products – retail display, product presentation
• Many products will be of interest for use in the library eg adhesive plastic strips to display children’s work, trolley, baskets, wall mounts for hanging posters, ceiling clips, label maker, snap opening frames, zig zag system for book display, white boards and led lighting.

Concurrent Workshops: Implementing Guided Inquiry
A: Guided Inquiry in Primary Schools – Jenny Scheffers (Teacher Librarian Caddies Creek PS), Peter Lehner (Assistant Principal Caddies Creek PS), Dylan Macdonald and Ethan Prasetya (Year 6 students Caddies Creek PS) & Colleen Blancato (Teacher Librarian Hassall Grove PS)
• Jenny: Refer to handouts ‘Putting Guided Inquiry into Practice – a Primary School perspective’ & ‘Year 6 CPT Guided Inquiry unit Antarctica’
• Definition – SCAN 2006 Ross Todd
• Framework – Research River – posters created by Lee Fitzgerald
• Colleen: Useful Web 2.0 tools include ‘Weblists’, ‘Wallwisher’, ‘Glogster’ and ‘linoit’.
B: Guided Inquiry in a High School – Cathy Hill (Head of Library & Information Science P-12), Belinda Davies (Year 7 Core) & Yvonne Hammer (Head of Gifted and Independent Learning, St Paul’s Grammar School, Cranebrook)

Guest Speaker: Leanne Samootin (K-12 ICT Consultant Western Sydney Region)
Presentation: Web 2 and Search Engines
• Weblist – http://weblist.me/
 Free sign up
 Can search for lists
 Make up own list
 Leanne’s weblist – Click here: ICT Tools for TLs in Schools
• Fred
• Eyeplorer – visual search engine
• Glean Learning Tools – information literacy tools
 Boolify – http://www.boolify.org
 Comparison Search – www.gleancomparisonsearch.org (grades 4 – 12)
 Who Is – www.gleanwhois.org (grades 5 – 12)
• WolframAlpha – www.wolframalpha.com computational knowledge engine
• Watchknow – www.watchknow.org organised list of videos
• Gapminder – www.gapminder.org another way of looking at statistical information, look at trends over time
• Other Worlds – http://otherworlds.yolasite.com
 Creating multimedia stories – stages 3 & 4
 Focus on using web 2 tools
 Framework for creating digital stories
 e-book guide
• Topicmarks – http://topicmarks.com/ summarises text
 Free – need to sign up
 Accepts word document, pdf, paste a link
• Bibme – http://www.bibme.org/ online bibliography maker
• Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/ social book club.

Next Committee meeting: 3.45pm Thursday 16 June at Blacktown Sports Club.
Meeting concluded: 3:30pm