July 10

Committee meeting – minutes

Venue: Penrith Panthers
Meeting opened: 4.05pm
Present: Jenny Scheffers, Lee Arundel, Ian McLean, Julie Grazotis, Cathie Cattermole, Sue Pitt, Fran Mead, Di Johnston, Jennifer Dengate, Janelle Van Capelle, Jan Poona, Bonnie Manwaring and Michele Young.
Apologies: Lorraine Baxter, Susan Burke and Natalie Ignacz.

Evaluation of Term 4 Professional Learning Day
• Thank you to Cathie for preparing the Evaluation Report
• A very successful day
• Thank you to all Committee members
• Sharon McGuinness – $300 gift voucher for Children’s Bookshop presented as payment to Thirroul PS. Sharon received wine plus $50 gift voucher.
• Comments about the day were extremely positive
• Refer to Evaluation Report.
• Suggestion – indicate representation of Primary School / High School numbers on Evaluation handout.
• Suggestion – survey TLs on listserve to gather information as to why many HS TLs are not attending Professional Learning days
• Committee has made a conscious effort to include content appropriate for HS TLs.
• Waiting on four delegates to pay.

Term 3 Afternoon Tea
• Thursday 29 August
• TL – Julie Grazotis
• Banks PS
• 3:30 – 5:00pm
• Book Week discussion
• Committee members to bring a plate
• RSVP to Julie.

Term 4 Professional Learning Day
• Date to be announced
• TL – Janelle Van Capelle
• Chifley College Bidwill – Janelle to check possible dates, enquire about catering through the school, and contact Jenny.

Possible Agenda
o Colleen Blancato – Smart Money presentation – 1 hour
o Workshops – one hour per session x 2
Ian – Book Trailers using Photopeach (present in a classroom)
Cathie – Book Trailers using imovie (present in classroom), delegates to bring own ipad
Bonnie – using Adobe Premier Elements (in Library)
Di – using Voki and Puppet Pals (in Library)
 Workshop presenters to email Jenny with their requirements to conduct the session
o Discussion Panel – PS / HS sessions. Delegates email questions / discussion points to Jenny prior to the day. Questions answered / discussed by panel on the day

o Timetable
8.15 Registration & coffee
9.00 Welcome
9.10 Smart Money presentation
10.10 Sponsors presentations
10.30 Morning tea
11.20 Workshop – session 1 (finish 12.20 for 10 minute change over)
12.30 Workshop – session 2
1.30 Lunch
2.15 Discussion Panel
3.00 Evaluation / Lucky door prizes.

o Sponsors – Kingfisher & Elizabeth Richards??

General Discussion
• Committee members to update phone numbers on Committee information sheet
• Sue and Jenny attended conference ‘eBooks 4 eLearning’ at Parramatta
• Future author / illustrator presenters – contact Jackie Hawkes (CBCA)
• Suggestion – print our Logo on pens and notepads
• Purchase PMBW banner – consider an area name / Logo change – to be discussed further at next meeting, ie. when schools are no longer officially within the district’s ever-changing boundaries.
 Lee – organise quotes for printing our logo on pens, notebooks, bags and banner.

Next Committee Meeting: 3.45pm Blacktown Sports Club – date to be announced
Meeting closed: 5.10pm.

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