August 9

Committee Meeting Minutes – Thursday 28 July 2016

Venue: Penrith Panthers
Meeting opened: 4.00pm
Present: Jenny Scheffers, Cathie Cattermole, Ian McLean, Jan Poona, Vicci Bishop, Sue Pitt, Lolita Garcia, Julie Grazotis, Lorraine Baxter, Natalie Ignacz, Marianne Grasso and Michele Young
Apologies: Fran Mead and Jennifer Dengate.

• Welcome to Vicci who works with Jan at Rooty Hill PS
• Thank you to the Committee for Conference organisation
• Thank you to Cathie for designing the Flyers and for organising the Thank you cards
• Thank you to Julie for the Evaluation report
• Julie and Jenny Dengate are our representatives for the Department Conference
• Marianne is the SLAV NSW representative on the Department Conference Committee
• Committee members asked to consider taking on the Chairperson role from 2017.

Jan (Treasurer’s Report)
• Waiting for ten Conference payments
• It will be necessary to meet later in the year to discuss how PMBW finances will work in with the introduction of LMBR.
• Committee agreed to present a thank you gift or flowers to Jan’s SAM.

• Evaluation of Term 2 Professional Learning Day – very positive feedback
• Refer to handout
• For Jenny Williams resources – access her website
• BOSTES – majority of delegates are at Proficient level with some aiming for Highly Accomplished
• Used Google Forms for the Evaluation – go to Google apps link on your Portal page.

• A Connected Classroom session with Aleesah Darlison available through DART ($110).

Term 3 2016 Afternoon Tea Meeting plus AGM
• Hosted by Lyn Drew – Penrith South PS
• Thursday 22 September (Week 10, Term 3)
• From 3:30 – 5pm
• Special guest – author Aleesah Darlison
• Copies of Aleesah’s books will be available for sale on the day by The Children’s Bookshop
 Committee members to bring a plate
 Lorraine – send a reminder email to PBMW members
 Marianne – liaise with Jenny about contacting Michelle Jensen to offer her 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting to discuss/promote SLA NSW.

Term 4 2016 Department of Education Conference
• Monday 17 October.

Organisation for 2017
Term 1 2017 Afternoon Tea Meeting
• TL – Terrie O’Hearn
• Hambledon PS
 Jenny – contact Terrie to ask if the Library is suitable for a full day meeting and if wifi is available
Term 2 2017 Full Day Meeting
• TL – Christien Midgley
• Hebersham PS
Term 3 2017 Afternoon Tea Meeting
• TL – Karuna Chetty
• Nepean HS
Term 4 2017 Department Conference?

Possible Topics for Professional Learning Days 2017
• Hands on workshop using Google Docs?
• Makerspaces – Michelle Jensen?
• eBooks – Overdrive & Wheelers?
• Promoting features of Oliver?
• PDPs and the accreditation process for Teacher Librarians?
• Afternoon Tea – informal discussion, bring along your favourite book, promote PRC?
– guest author – Walker Books?
 Marianne to contact Michelle Jensen to ask if she would be interested in presenting a session at the full day meeting?
 Jenny – contact Colleen Foley about a speaker on the PDP and accreditation topic.

Next Committee Meeting: 3.45pm at Blacktown Workers’ Sports Club (date TBA)
Meeting closed: 4:55pm.