August 30

Term 3 afternoon tea meeting

The Committee of the Penrith, Mt Druitt, Blacktown and Windsor (PMBW) teacher-librarians invite you to an informal afternoon tea gathering to network, and to share the successes of your Book Week activities. This is a great opportunity to meet your TL colleagues, especially if you are often unable to attend full-day professional learning opportunities with us. We hope to see you there!

Date: Wednesday, 13th September (Week 9)
Venue: Nepean Creative & Performing Arts High School Library
115-119 Great Western Highway
Emu Plains
Time: 3:30 for 4.00pm – 5:00pm
Topics: Networking opportunities and sharing of Book Week successes
Cost: Free. Afternoon tea refreshments will be provided.
RSVP by Friday 8th September to Karuna Chetty (Teacher Librarian)
Email: or
Phone: 02 4728 7200
Parking details: TBA.

August 28

Committee Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Venue: Blacktown Worker’s Sports Club
Meeting opened: 4.15pm
Present: Ian McLean, Jan Poona, Joanna Deegan, Jennifer Dengate, Vicci Bishop, Julie Grazotis, Sue Pitt, Lolita Garcia and Michele Young.
Apologies: Jenny Scheffers, Fran Mead and Cathie Cattermole.

General Business

• Congratulations to Vicci on her appointment to a permanent Teacher Librarian position at Bennett Road Public School
• Jan on leave Term 4, Weeks 1 to 5
• Michele on leave Term 3, Weeks 9 & 10 + Term 4, Weeks 1 to 3
• Bruce Pickworth is not available to attend meetings during September
• No Departmental Conference in Term 4 2017 – biannual conferences will be held
• Email from local author, Susan Boyer, offering free school visits in Term 4 and 2018. Promoting her latest book Stories of life at Sydney Cove.

Jan – Treasurer’s Report
We generally have no transactions between conferences. Therefore, the last total in our account was given to the committee in December 2016, at which time our account balance was healthy. Sometimes we have costs in regard to the afternoon tea in Term 1, such as tea and coffee and a gift for the presenter.
Each conference generally costs us about $2500.00, more or less, by the time you take into account expenses associated with preparation, such as if we buy folders; buying gifts for presenters; costs incurred by the host school; and the cost of catering.
Each conference gives us funds in the form of sponsorship by trades such as book companies; and attendance fees paid by Teacher Librarians.
Our pricing for TLs to attend seems to be correct as long as we have a high enough attendance. It also tells us that our long-term plan is working, ie. the plan to hold some less expensive conferences in order to save up so we can pay to have a special presenter every couple of years.

Term 2 Full Day Meeting Evaluation
• 49 responses to the online Evaluation form (Google Forms)
• Ideas for future professional development included – Oliver Support, presentation by Paul Macdonald, author presentation, English Contextual Concepts, curriculum (Geography/History)
• Suggestion to add Teaching Standards to our meeting agendas to address the collating of evidence for accreditation

Term 3 Afternoon Tea Meeting
• Venue – Nepean HS
• Nepean High School – 115-119 Great Western Hwy, Emu Plains 0247287200
• Teacher Librarian host – Karuna Chetty
• Date – 13th September (Wednesday, Week 9)
• Bruce Pickworth is unfortunately not available for this meeting
• Meeting focus – Book Week in review / Q & A / networking.

Term 4 Full Day Meeting
• Suggested sessions?:
o Progressive meeting day – visit various schools for different sessions
o Digital Toolbox – Joachin Cohen, Future Learning Unit?
o Google Docs & Forms?
o Geography – using Picture Books?
o What does programming look like?
o Paul Macdonald? Colleen Blancato?
o Bruce Pickworth – The godwits – migratory birds and built environments?
o HSIE panel?
o English Contextual Concepts – Catherine Thomson?
o Break off groups – HS & PS?
• Meeting Focus: Curriculum – Planning & Programming?
• Venue: To be decided
• Date: Possibly Term 4 Friday Week 6?
• Maximum of 75 to 80 Teacher Librarians if held at a school venue?
• Cost – TBA

• Proposed Agenda?
o 8:15am Registration and coffee
o 9:00am Welcome by Principal, Housekeeping and General Business
o 9:10am Paul MacDonald – The value of using picture books across the curriculum
o 10:10am Bruce Pickworth – author of ‘The Godwits’, a new text for Stages 2 & 3 Geography with Teacher Notes written by Margo Pickworth
o 10:45am Sponsor’s presentations
o 11:00am Morning tea
o 11:30am A Guide to using picture books in Geography (online resource) – Presenter TBA
o 12:15pm Using picture books in English (Units of work?) – possibly presented by James Hoffman (K – 6 English advisor)
o 1:00pm Lunch
o 2:00pm Discussion groups (High School & Primary School) – Programming / lesson planning / programming templates
Delegates to bring along a picture book & corresponding unit of work for group discussion
o 3:00pm Evaluation and Badge Draw
 Ian – contact Nepean Shores for information regarding their conference venue
 Ian – contact Belinda Doyle, Erskine Park HS, regarding the possibility of hosting the Term 4 meeting
 Ian – confirm Paul Macdonald for this date & his presentation / bring along books to sell / are flyers available listing the inservice presentations or student workshop presentations he does at schools
 Ian – contact Bruce and Margo to confirm attendance and the possibility of them selling copies of their book.
 Ian – contact Colleen Blancato for information about a presenter for a 45 minute session on using picture books in Geography
 Lolita – check with Principal of Richmond HS regarding the hosting of the Term 4 meeting in the Library
 Jan – contact James Hoffman regarding him presenting a 45 minute session on using picture books within the English curriculum
 All available committee members – A short Committee meeting will follow the Term 3 Afternoon Tea meeting to finalise the Term 4 Full Day Professional Learning Agenda
 Ian, Jan & Jenny – add the course to MyPL before the end of Term 3
Include Teaching Standards on the Agenda
 Sue & Cate – organise sponsors – Scholastic Rep in Jenny Scheffers’ area is interested in sponsoring this event
 Michele – photocopy handouts The godwits for delegates.

Next Committee Meeting: A short Committee meeting will follow the Term 3 Afternoon Tea meeting to finalise the Term 4 Full Day Professional Learning Agenda.

Term 4 Committee Meeting: Penrith Panthers – Date and time TBA
Meeting closed: 5.30pm

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