February 14

Committee Meeting Minutes, Thursday 6 December 2017

Venue: Blacktown Worker’s Sports Club
Meeting opened: 4.10pm (This meeting was promoted as our AGM)
Present: Ian McLean, Jenny Scheffers, Jan Poona, Cathie Cattermole, Lolita Garcia, Joanna Deegan and Michele Young.
Apologies: Fran Mead, Lorraine Baxter, Jennifer Dengate, Sue Pitt, Cate Yard, Vicci Bishop, Julie Grazotis, Melissa Kelly and Ruth Buchanan.

• Term 4 Professional Learning Day a success
• 66 delegates attended
• Term 4 2018 – possible Department of Education Conference
• 2018 Committee and Roles & Responsibilities confirmed (see separate page on this blog)
• New Committee members – Welcome to Kelly Finch (Lethbridge Park PS), Melissa Kelly (Colyton PS) and Ruth Buchanan (Colo HS)
• Volunteer Teacher Librarians happy to to host a meeting in 2018:
Cate Yard at Bidwill PS – Term 1 or 3
Vicci Bishop at Bennett Road PS – Term 1 or 3
Kelly Finch at Lethbridge Park PS – Term 1

 Ian – Survey the Committee members as to the suitability of current Committee Meeting venues – Penrith Panthers and Blacktown Worker’s Sports Club
 Michele – contact Cate to ask if she will organise Delegates & Presenters’ Certificates
 Michele – confirm with Cate that the Term 3 Afternoon Tea Meeting will be held at Bidwill PS.

Lolita (Term 4 PL Day Evaluation Report)
• Refer to Handout
• Great venue at no cost
• Great catering by the school canteen
• 32 delegates returned an online evaluation
• Some delegates experienced problems accessing the online evaluation

• Suggestions to attain a higher percentage of Evaluation returns:
o email detailed instructions on how to access the online evaluation form
o use computers/ipads etc available at the venue
o use Survey Monkey
o delegates complete the evaluation on their own device before leaving the venue
o require delegates to complete the evaluation in order to be accredited in MyPL

• Future directions for topics and presenters:
o Program Builder?
o Resourcing the History Curriculum?
o Revisit using OLIVER?
o More of Paul Macdonald?
o English conceptual concepts?
o Library redecorating ideas?
o Digital Technology Curriculum (Australian Curriculum website) – developing a scope and sequence?

Jan (Treasurer’s Report)
• Current balance is healthy
• 11 delegates still to pay for Term 4 PL Day
• Fiona Wadell, SAM at Rooty Hill PS, is moving on to Katoomba PS. Jo Ryan has agreed to assist Jan with the Treasurer’s duties on behalf of PMBW Teacher Librarian Professional Learning Group.

2018 Organisation:
• Term 1 Afternoon Tea Meeting – hosted by Cathie Cattermole, James Erskine PS
• Term 2 Full Day Meeting – hosted by Lolita Garcia, Richmond HS
• Term 3 Afternoon Tea Meeting – hosted by Cate Yard, Bidwill PS
• Term 4 Full Day Meeting – Possible Department of Education Conference.

Term 1 Afternoon Tea Meeting (to be confirmed)
• Hosted by Teacher Librarian Cathie Cattermole
• James Erskine PS
• Wednesday 4th (Week 10) or Wednesday 11th (Week 11) April?
• 4:00 – 5:30pm
• Topic – STEM / STEAM workshop
 Cathie – Check the date of the Term 1 P & C meeting. If this date is also suitable for our meeting we can extend the workshop time to 6pm.

Term 2 Full Day Meeting (to be confirmed)
• Hosted by Lolita Garcia
• Richmond HS
• Week 2 Wednesday 9th May – (Tuesday 8th & Thursday 10th are also possible dates)
• Agenda
o Paul Macdonald – CBCA Short List & History resources?
o Colleen Blancato – Teacher Librarian essentials / Department update / Using Program Builder?
o Introduction to the Digital Technologies Syllabus – Colleen Blancato (or recommended presenter)?
o Author presentation – contact through Paul MacDonald and the Children’s Bookshop – possible link to the History Syllabus?
o Concurrent sessions – Program Builder / digital technologies (Cathie & Julie?)?
• Catering will be organised by the school – breaks/meals will be taken in the Trade Training Centre
 Ian – contact Paul MacDonald
 Ian – contact Colleen Blancato.

Next Committee Meeting: 4.00pm at Penrith Panthers Club, Possibly Term 1 Week 4 2018
Meeting closed: 5.20pm


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