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Committee Meeting Minutes, Thursday 5 July 2018

Venue: Penrith Panthers
Meeting opened: 4.20pm
Present: Ian McLean (LSL), Jan Poona, Sue Pitt, Lorraine Baxter, Julie Grazotis, Vicci Bishop, Cate Yard and Michele Young.
Apologies: Jenny Scheffers, Cathie Cattermole, Fran Mead, Jennifer Dengate and Ruth Buchanan.

General Business
* Flowers will be delivered to Jenny Scheffers
* Lorraine emailed TLs on our data base information about the following two conferences – CPL Conference on 31st August and Our Primary Libraries: Creative Collaboration on the 25th June
* Jan attended the Creative Collaboration Conference – a great day of professional learning with a primary school focus
* Lorraine – emailed School Principals for the name of their Teacher Librarian in order to update our database information. At this stage, 100 schools have not responded to the email. Lorraine has created a TL list for each district in our area
* Cate spoke with WHS Consultant, Sue Fuller, regarding whether the Committee needs to prepare a Risk Assessment Plan for the functions that we organise. Although a full Risk Assessment Plan is not necessary, we will need to cover certain points within our Housekeeping procedures at the beginning of each event (details to follow)
* The Committee will prepare an ‘Event Host Information Package’ which will include WHS notices, a copy of ‘Welcome to Country’, a Duty List, Committee names and contact information etc (to be finalised at the next meeting)
* A digital copy (USB) of the presenters’ notes from the Term 2 Conference is not available
* Jenny S contacted Paul MacDonald for a copy of his Book Week Shortlist presentation and forwarded it to Committee members
* The Committee decided not to change our system of distribution and collection of name badges used for PMBW events
* Jan mentioned a project titled “The Great Book Swap” which aims to supply books to students in remote areas. Conduct a fundraiser within your own school and for a gold coin donation, people donate and swap books
* Cate – “Kids News” (Kidsnews.com.au) A free teaching resource for schools aimed at students in Years 3-8.

* Lorraine – send a final email to the 100 schools that have not responded with the name of their Teacher Librarian
* Jan – Email Committee members information about “The Great Book Swap” project
* Ian – Add Paul’s PowerPoint Presentation to our PMBW website
* Ian – Follow up with Easter Carmeli for access to her presentation
* Ian – contact June Wall next term to see if she would be interested in advertising the Teacher Librarian networks in SchoolBiz
* Ian – email Michele a copy of ‘Welcome to Country’
* Michele – follow up with Cate regarding the inclusion of WHS notices at the beginning of any PMBW event
* Michele – prepare a draft “Event Host Information Package” for discussion at the next Committee meeting.

Treasurer’s Report – Jan
* Term 2 Conference – 23 schools have not yet paid or been identified as having made payment
* Jan has emailed each school to sort out the problem and only 8 have replied
* To check if a school has paid for their TL to attend an event the school’s SAM needs to send Jan’s SAM a Journal Number (Transaction number) to check against unidentified payments
SAM time is paid for the handling of PMBW finances – fee is still to be deducted from our account balance
* For future PMBW events, Jan will present her SAM with a list of Teacher Librarians attending the event and each school will be invoiced directly.

* Jan – continue to follow up with outstanding Term 2 Conference payments.

Term 3 2018 Afternoon Tea Meeting – Planning
* Thursday 13th September (Term 3, Week 8), 3:30 – 5:30pm
* Teacher Librarian host is Cate Yard – Bidwill PS
* Discussion topics – Book Week / Flexible Learning Spaces
* Committee members to bring a plate.

* Lorraine – email Cathie information for the event Flyer / RSVP to Cate by Friday 7th September
* Cathie – Design the Flyer to advertise this event.

Organisation for Term 2 Conference 2019 (Draft only)
Date: Monday 17th June 2019
Venue: Rooty Hill RSL Club
120 delegates – cost $90 per person
Possible presentations:
* Paul MacDonald – Book Week Shortlist and Graphic Novels
* Author – Morris Gleitzman or Ahn Do (check ‘The Children’s Bookshop’ list)
* NSW DoE Oliver Team – teaching / learning focus
* Easter Carmeli – Science texts to support the new Syllabus
* ACARA Learning Progressions (text complexity) – how can the Teacher Librarian use them to support learning? (Department Representative?)

* Michele & Cate – visit venue and meet with the RSL representation to discuss our event and inclusions
* Michele – book the venue and contact Jan regarding the deposit payment
* Ian – contact Easter Carmeli to confirm whether a Science Picture Book List to support the new syllabus will be available at the time of our Conference date / will the list cover Stage levels 1 – 5
* Ian – book Paul MacDonald for 17th June
* Jan – count the number of PMBW carry bags we have available
* Michele – purchase folders
* Vicci – email delegates / prepare badges (Lorraine LSL)
* Cathie – Investigate how NESA works for accrediting our PD Days
* Cathie – Investigate the cost of engaging Anh Do for a presentation
* Cate – delegates’ and presenters’ certificates
* Jan – prepare Sign In / Sign Out delegates list / collect at the end of the day
* Jan – contact June Wall and ask her to book the Oliver Team for this Conference.

Next Committee Meeting: 4:00pm at Blacktown Worker’s Sports Club on Wednesday 19th September (Term 3 Week 9)
Meeting closed: 5.40pm.

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