November 27

Committee Meeting Minutes, Wednesday 14 November, 2018

Venue: Penrith Panthers

Meeting opened: 4.10pm

Present: Ian McLean (LSL), Jan Poona, Jenny Scheffers, Lorraine Baxter, Vicci Bishop, Sue Pitt, Judith Ridge and Michele Young.

Apologies: Cathie Cattermole, Cate Yard, Julie Grazotis, Melissa Kelly and Fran Mead.

All PMBW Committee meetings in 2019 will be held at St Marys RSL Club, Corner Mamre Road & Hall Street St Marys (close to the M4 Freeway), commencing at 4pm. Dinner to follow for anyone interested. Meetings will alternate between a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

General Business

  • Ian thanked the Committee for the card and gift voucher presented to him as a thank you for his great work as Committee Chairperson and many years of dedication to the Professional Learning of the Teacher Librarians in our district. We wish him well in his retirement.
  • Ian will continue as PMBW Blog Manager for the near future. Committee meeting minutes will be sent to him for blog publication. 
  • Jenny S thanked the Committee for the floral arrangement which was sent to her following the very sad passing of her husband, Hank. 
  • The preparation of an ‘Event Host Information Package’ is still a work in progress and will include WHS notices, a copy of ‘Welcome to Country’, a Duty List, Committee names and contact information, etc.
  • Lynne Millson is interested in joining the Committee and offered to hold the Term 1 Afternoon Tea meeting at her school.
  • Lynne was consulted and has confirmed that she is available to host the Term 1, 2019 afternoon tea on Thursday Week 7. She has checked with her school calendar.
  • Vicci is prepared to swap with Lynne and host the Term 3 Afternoon Tea meeting.
  • Teacher Librarian at Richmond HS is now Michelle Stanford (michelle.stanford3).
  • Possible future presenters / presentations:


Tamara Rodgers (PRC Coordinator)?

June Wall – Risk Management & Stocktake?

Local Library Rep?

Google Classrooms?

Ed Tech Tools?


  • Ian – email Michele a copy of ‘Welcome to Country’
  • Ian – send PMBW Blog log-in details to Jenny S to see if she can access the Blog
  • Lorraine – contact Michelle Stanford and invite her to join our PMBW Professional Learning group
  • Lorraine – contact Joanna Deagan, Kelly Finch and Ruth Buchannan o see if they wish to remain as Committee members
  • Michele – work with Jan to prepare a draft ‘Event Host Information Package’ for discussion at the next Committee meeting.

Term 1 2019 Afternoon Tea Meeting 

  • Term 1 Thursday Week 7
  • 3:30 – 5:30pm
  • Teacher Librarian host – Lynne Millson 
  • Venue – Parklea PS
  • Presenters – Nicola Evans and Aleesha Paz Reading Australia.

Copyright Agency Reading Australia

CONTACTS: Toll free (within Australia) 1800066844
Tel: +61 2 9394 7600


  • Presentation time will be 45 minutes plus question time
  • Committee members to bring a plate.


  • Michele – Email Nicola information regarding the meeting 

  • Jan – contact Lynne, closer to the date, to discuss the organisation of the afternoon meeting including Sign-on/Sign-off sheet.

Organisation for Term 2 Conference 2019

  • Date: Monday 17th June 2019 
  • Rooty Hill RSL Club – Concept Room 
  • 120 delegates 
  • Cost $95 per person 
  • A substitute presenter will attend in place of Kelly Murphy (Oliver team) 
  • Kathy Wyber (TL at Bardia PS) is confirmed to present 
  • Required number of PMBW carry bags are available
  • Include a scholastic book in delegate conference bags
  • Payment for conference attendance by delegates – Jan will present her SAM with a list of Teacher Librarians attending and each school will be invoiced directly
  • Tamara Rodgers, PRC Coordinator, would be interested in presenting at our conference. She is interested in presenting on some strategies for improving PRC participation in schools and also sessions on effective book evaluation and reviews.
  • Proposed Agenda:
  • 9 – 10am Kathy Wyber – Four Quadrants of Organisation
  • 10 – 10.45am Presentations by the Sponsors
  • 10.45 – 11.30am Morning Tea
  • 11.30 – 12.30pm & 12.30 – 1.30pm. Concurrent sessions to address High School & Primary School Teacher Librarians:

* Paul MacDonald 

* ‘Oliver’ representative – updates & underutilized aspects of Oliver, Oliver for teaching and learning, question time

  • 1.30 – 2.15pm  Lunch
  • 2.15 – 3.15 Morris Gleitzman or author / illustrator
  • 3.15 – 3.30 Evaluation / prizes
  • Sponsors
  • Kids News Representative – not yet confirmed
  • Elizabeth Richards – not yet confirmed
  • Kookaburra – not yet confirmed
  • World Book Representative – Libby Gray – confirmed
  • Paul MacDonald – trade table – confirmed
  • Syba Signs Representative – confirmed


  • Ian – Follow up with Morris Gleitzman (via Lindy Batchelor) & Paul MacDonald
  • Sue – Book Elizabeth Richards and Kookaburra as sponsors – fee will cover a Trade Fair table, catering for 1 rep & a 7 min presentation
  • Michele – email Amy at Rooty Hill RSL – book selected morning tea & lunch menu, book a technician for the day, book pinboards for Syba Signs trade display
  • Michele – email Kathy Wyber (TL Ingleburn PS) details of the day. Inquire as to whether a cost is involved for her to present in addition to paying for a casual at her school (Bardia PS)
  • Michele – check with Cate re contact with ‘Kids News’ sponsor – fee will cover a Trade Fair table, catering for 1 rep & a 7 min presentation – email details to Sue 
  • Michele – purchase scholastic books
  • Jenny S – purchase 150 Eco Mugs from Promotion Products for inclusion in each delegate conference bag (refer to Promotion Products Flyer)
  • Jan – prepare Sign In / Sign Out delegates list & collect at the end of the day
  • Lorraine – Drop off badges to Vicci
  • Lorraine – email delegates a ‘Save the date’ message for the conference
  • Vicci – email delegates / prepare badges (Lorraine LSL)
  • Vicci – delegates’ and presenters’ certificates
  • Vicci – Email Cate for certificates template
  • Cathie – Design the Agenda when all details are finalised
  • Jan – Change the information on the Agenda to reflect the new payment system for conference attendance.

Term 3 2019 Afternoon Tea Meeting 

  • Term 3 date TBA
  • 3:30 – 5:30pm
  • Teacher Librarian host – Vicci Bishop 
  • Venue – Bennett Road PS


  • Michele – Contact Vicci to decide on the meeting date

Next Committee Meeting:

4:00pm on Wednesday 13th February (Term 1 Week 3) at St Marys RSL Club, Corner Mamre Road & Hall Street St Marys (close to the M4 Freeway), commencing at 4pm. Dinner to follow for anyone interested.

Meeting closed: 5.40pm

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