December 4


Paul MacDonald, of The Children’s Bookshop, shares his PowerPoint presentation about the CBCA shortlisted titles for the 2012 Book Week awards HERE.

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Jill B Bruce, author and 2012-13 NSW judge for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Literature Awards, shares her 2012 PowerPoint presentation HERE.

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Cheryl Farkas (Literacy Consultant K-6, Western Sydney region) and Caroline Hopwood (Middle Years Literacy Consultant, Western Sydney Region) share their Literacy Comprehension Strategies presentations HERE (Introduction to the literacy continuum), HERE (interactive literacy continuum chart) and HERE (K-6 comprehension strategies).

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Julie Grazotis (Teacher Librarian, Banks PS) put Literacy Comprehension Strategies into a primary school library context HERE (strategies) and HERE (reading solutions).

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Getting started with IWBs:

At our professional development day in November 2009, teacher librarians Colleen Blancato, Fran Mead and Shelley Napper gave a presentation about how Smart notebook 10 software, which is free and downloadable on every NSW DET school computer, even if you do not have an IWB. Teachers can make resources to use on their IWBs.

Or, use Smart notebook 10 with a laptop, data projector and screen. Students can create interactive quizzes and activities of their own to explore topics. This IWBs presentation also includes how to download the software for home use, and how to use the toolkit to make resources (very easily), plus links to finding resources that are already made!

Download the presentation HERE.

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Here is a Word version of Colleen Foley‘s presentation, a site tour of online NSW DET resources for teacher librarians, which she presented at our Term 2, June 2010, meeting:

Please click HERE.

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PSP consultant Lizzie Chase has collected together some useful Web 2.0 facilities and teaching tips about students creating eBooks at:


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