November 8

Today’s seminar in pictures

Our highly successful Reading Beyond 2012 conference was organised by Paul Collins, of Creative Net Speakers’ Agency, who hires out Australian authors and illustrators without the cost of a booking fee.

It was a great way to equip teacher librarians with strategies to keep the National Year of Reading momentum chugging along beyond 2012. Here are some photos of the day:

TL PD Conference - Judith
Judith Ridge, MC and keynote speaker, introduces the day’s program

Deb Abela at the PMBW teacher librarians' conference
Deb Abela at the PMBW teacher librarians’ conference, Reading Beyond 2012!

TL PD Conference - Deb
Deb Abela

TL PD Conference - Louise
Louise Park reveals some secrets about Zac Power and Boy vs Beast

PD TLs learn a secret code
Teacher librarians learn a secret code involving a Chicken Dance manoeuvre

TL PD Conference - Paul
Paul Collins presents a writing activity based on the 12-Act Structure of fantasy novels

PD TLs use Paul's 12-Act Structure
In pairs, PMBW’s teacher librarians create outlines for their own fantasy novels

Susanne Gervay at the PMBW teacher librarians' conference
Susanne Gervay tells the very personal story of Ships in the field

TL PD Conference - Susanne
Susanne Gervay

TL PD Conference - Louise and Kim
Louise Park and Kim Miller

TL PD Conference - Group of authors
Susanne Gervay, Deb Abela, Paul Collins, Judith Ridge and Sophie Masson

MC Judith Ridge and a panel of authors at the PMBW teacher librarians' conference
MC Judith Ridge and a panel of authors: Meredith Costain, Kim Miller and Sophie Masson

Susanne and Ian with elephant puppet
Susanne and Ian, with his badge-draw prize elephant puppet

Jackie Hawkes at the PMBW teacher librarians' conference
Jackie Hawkes farewells a retiring Honor White

Honor White is honoured at the PMBW teacher librarians' conference
Teacher librarian and committee member Honor White is honoured at the PMBW teacher librarians’ conference.

Photos courtesy Ian McLean and Paul Collins

UPDATE: If you Google all the authors listed, most of them have websites. Deb Abela specifically offered to send out her teachers’ notes and links to anyone who emailed her.

Paul Collins and Ford Street Publishing have notes for their authors (including Susanne Gervay’s “Ships in the field”).

Judith Ridge runs Westwords and is very keen to get western Sydney schools (and beyond) involved in their events.

September 16

Lightning strikes!

Lightning strikes

Walker Books present an event for teachers, parents and teacher librarians. Featuring five Australian authors, Sue Whiting, James Roy, Moya Simons, Janeen Brian and Aleesah Darlison, the topic is how to inspire and engage young reluctant readers.

The event will be held at Gleebooks, Glebe, on Thursday 20th September at 6pm. RSVP (02) 9660 2333.