June 28

Resources for the Term 2 PD day at Caddies Creek

We had a great response for our professional development day on Thursday 22nd June. Thank you all!

Many thanks to Paul Macdonald for this PowerPoint slideshow of his presentation on the CBCA “Book of the Year” Short List for 2017. PMBW members are granted permission to use this material with your staff and students. Click on the hyperlink to download.

Many thanks also to Leanne Steed, Bradley Cook and Glyn Jones for this PDF of their presentation about PDPs and goal-setting for teacher librarians. Click on the hyperlink to download.

An email was sent out to all members on Wednesday about the online evaluation for the day on GoogleForms. It can still be filled in via Google Classroom from your DoE Portal, or there is also an alternative, direct hyperlink. Please contact Ian at Ian.McLean7@det.nsw.edu.au if you require the direct link again.

We are hoping to have a secondary TL volunteer their school library as a venue for our Term 4 full-day PD day. If your Principal is agreeable to this, please do let the committee know ASAP. The committee will be meeting in early Term 3 to decide on the venue and agenda.

Enjoy your holiday break!
Ian McLean,
Chairperson, PMBW TL Learning Group

March 22

Afternoon tea thank you!

On behalf of the Committee, I would like to thank the 35 teacher librarians who braved the inclement weather to attend our very successful and informative afternoon tea regarding our Performance and Development Plans (PDPs) with Bradley Cooper. Thanks to Bradley, and also our TL host, Terrie O’Hearn.

Many of those who attended thought it would be a great idea to share our PDP goals with each other. Lorraine Baxter has invited all PMBW members (via email) to share their goals (either 2016 or 2015) by emailing Lorraine so that she can collate them and then pass them on to our network members. Please feel free to add any explanatory notes to assist. Only those who share will receive this compiled document. We assure you that NO identifying features will be included. If you wish to participate please reply to Lorraine’s email no later than Friday 31st March.

Bradley Cooper and his colleague, Leanne Steed, (Teacher Quality Advisors, Nirimba) have been invited to extend our learning about PDPs at our Term 2 meeting. And a big thank you to Lorraine!

Ian McLean, Chairperson,
PMBW Teacher Librarian Professional Learning Group
Penrith PS.

August 11

Resources from the PD day

In this blog entry, you can quickly locate the digital resources used by the presenters at our Term 3 professional learning day, held on Monday 10th August (Week 5).

* Progressing with Oliver:
Research Projects – Evidence of how Oliver and Orbit are supporting student learning
(A) Primary: Julie Grazotis (Banks PS – their Oliver ClassMovie is linked HERE) and Ian McLean (Penrith PS).
(B) Secondary: Jenny Dengate (Glenmore Park HS) & Lolita Garcia (Richmond HS).

* STEPS Book Forum – Engaging your school learning community: Julie Grazotis (Banks PS) – Click down to Page 2 of the PDF.

* CBCA Update: Jackie Hawkes & Honor White (CBCA NSW representatives)

Book Week poster
Ian demonstrates the phone app that brings this year’s CBCA poster alive!

* Promoting reading through dynamic author/illustrator visits: Jenny Scheffers (Caddies Creek PS)

* Website of our Guest Author: Randa Abdel-Fattah (Click on the hyperlink).

Randa Abdel-Fattah
Randa Abdel-Fattah

February 13

First Professional Learning day for 2015

PMBW is conducting its first Teacher Librarian Professional Learning Day in Term 1.
Date: Thursday 19th March (Week 8) 2015
Host Teacher Librarian: Lynne Millson
Venue: Parklea Public School, 205 Glenwood Park Drive, Glenwood
Phone: 9629-2518.

Oliver Library System Update – Doug Jenkins (Senior Systems Analyst, Schools Admin Support, Information Technology Directorate) & Colleen Foley (Manager School Libraries & Information Literacy)
Panel Discussion of Teacher Librarians who are currently using Oliver

Concurrent Sessions split into primary and high school groups:
(A) Resourcing the new curriculum – Paul Macdonald (The Children’s Bookshop)
(B) Professional Networking-Group Discussion – with peers.

Register online at MyPL@Edu. Course code is NR07564 (where 0 is zero), or via the hyperlink: www.det.nsw.edu.au/docprs/publicViewEvent.do?eventId=100966

Cost: $40 per person. Do not include GST. (MyPL payment option – please select CHEQUE.) PMBW sent out Tax Invoice forms by email for this event. Please give a copy of that document to your SAM for payment. Please send all cheques to: Attention Jan Poona, Rooty Hill Public School, Westminster St, Rooty Hill, 2766. Make your cheque payable to Rooty Hill Public School. For any queries about payment, please contact Jan Poona janice.poona@det.nsw.edu.au

If you have any special dietary requirements, please contact Jenny Scheffers: jennifer.scheffers@det.nsw.edu.au

September 10

Term 3 presenters’ slideshows

Following our recent professional learning day at Riverstone PS, here are the presenters’ PowerPoint slideshows, which may be useful when sharing your learning with colleagues in your own school and beyond. Please click on the hyperlinks below and, when you get to the slideshow’s link page, click on that hyperlink to “open” or “save” the slideshow.

* Review of the Shortlisted CBCA titles and What’s hot: Paul Macdonald (The Children’s Bookshop, Beecroft).

* Bringing authors and illustrators into your classroom: the value of using Connected Classrooms: Cathie Cattermole (Teacher Librarian, James Erskine PS).

* Unpacking the Teaching Standards for teacher librarians: Nerina Pretlove (Deputy Principal, Chifley College, President Professional Teachers Council NSW).

Ursula Dubosarsky
Author Ursula Dubosarsky and an elephant house – for elephants!

July 21

Term 3 Professional Learning Day

The Penrith, Mt Druitt, Blacktown and Windsor Teacher Librarian Professional Learning Group is hosting an exciting professional development day on Wednesday, 3rd September (Week 8) at Riverstone Public School. Please see the below agenda, which provides full details of the day.

Online registration through MyPL@DET is now available. The course title is PMBW Teacher Librarian Professional Learning Day Term 3 2014 and the course code is NR06461 (Note: 0 is zero). The event ID is 86099 if you have trouble locating the course using the course number.

Numbers are strictly limited. When completing the online registration, please select the payment option Cheque, as there is NO DIRECT DEBIT available. Your initial registration will be listed as Tentative. Once your payment of a $40 cheque has been received, your enrolment status will be changed to Confirmed. Cheques, together with details of your name and school, should be posted to:
Attention: Lee Arundel, c/- Blacktown South Pubic School, 183 Flushcombe Road, Blacktown 2148. Please make the $40 cheque payable to Blacktown South Pubic School. There is no GST involved in this registration payment.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please contact jennifer.scheffers@det.nsw.edu.au

The Committee hopes you will be able to join us for this exciting professional learning day!

Jenny Scheffers,
Teacher Librarian @ Caddies Creek PS

UPDATE: Three of the presenters’ slideshows are available for download HERE!

Host Teacher Librarian: Ros Graham
Venue: Riverstone Public School


8.15 am: Registration & Coffee.

9.00 am: Welcome by Principal & Housekeeping.

9.10am: Review of the Shortlisted CBCA titles and What’s Hot: Paul Macdonald (The Children’s Bookshop).

10.15am: Bringing authors and Illustrators into your classroom: the value of using Connected Classrooms: Cathie Cattermole (Teacher Librarian James Erskine PS).

11.00am: Sponsors’ Presentations: Tag-Alert Australia & Quantum Learning
Remote sponsors:
• Merchandising Libraries
• Fry Library Supplies
• All Barcodes Australia.

11.15am: MORNING TEA and Sponsors’ Displays.

12.00 noon: From Guinea Pigs to Spoonerisms: Author Ursula Dubosarsky.

1.00pm: LUNCH and Sponsors’ Displays.

2.00pm: Unpacking the Teaching Standards for Teacher Librarians: Nerina Pretlove (Deputy Principal Chifley College, President Professional Teachers Council NSW).

3.00 – 3.30pm: Concluding Evaluation / Lucky Door Prize Draw.

June 5

Minutes of professional learning day at Cambridge Park HS

Tuesday 22 May 2012, Cambridge Park HS
Teacher Librarian: Alison Johnson & Library Assistant: Renae Wheeler

Welcome: Mr Tony Diaczok (Deputy Principal Cambridge Park HS)
• Thank you to everyone for attending
• Key focus on literacy
• Teacher Librarians drive the literacy agenda in their schools
• Acknowledgement of the valued work done by Alison and Renae in the Library
• Enjoy the day.

Welcome & General Business: Jenny Scheffers (Chairperson PMBW Committee)
• Acknowledgement of traditional custodians
• Thank you to everyone for attending
• Apologies from Colleen Foley (Team Leader, School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit)
• Housekeeping matters – Alison
• Welcome and thank you to our presenters and sponsors
• Special presentations – on behalf of the PMBW TL group to Ian McLean (Penrith PS) and Paul MacDonald (Children’s Bookshop) for recently receiving School Libraries Association of NSW awards:
IanJohn H Lee Memorial Award for excellence in leadership in innovative and collaborative teaching practice through the integration of learning technologies (See also Penrith City Star article.)
Paul – inaugural Maurice Saxby Award for excellence & passion in promoting reading to children & young adults
• Committee has organised a gift to pass on to Colleen Blancato – past-PMBW Secretary, now working at DEC CLIC
• Beginners OASIS Training course – see Julie Grazotis (TL @ Banks PS) if interested
PRC update:
 Thanks to Belinda Guymer (Emu Heights PS) and Ian McLean (Penrith PS) for their assistance in sending a letter to Alan Booth (DEC State Office) re changes to PRC certificates
 PRC now run by one staff member
 Open to feedback at the end of the year
 DEC reviewing the situation
Sydney International Storytelling Conference – June 1-3 @ Baulkham Hills – see Jenny for further information
• Folder contains the following documents:
 Agenda
 Term 3 Afternoon Tea flyer – Wednesday 29 August (week 7) at James Erskine PS, 3:30 – 5:00pm, Topics – Book Week activities and CBC update; no cost and no need to register on MyPL@EDU
 Term 4 Literary Conference – Thursday 8 November 2012, Penrith Panthers 9 – 4pm, Cost: approx. $100
 Evaluation Form
 Flyer – CLIC
 Flyer – Alison’s Children’s Books
• Badge draw at the end of the day – prizes donated by sponsors and Colleen Foley.

Guest Speaker: Paul MacDonald (The Children’s Bookshop)Review of the Shortlisted CBCA titles and What’s Hot
• Email Paul at staff@thechildrensbookshop.com.au
• Rise of visual literacy – picture books
• Rise of Teacher’s Notes – lot of support material available for books
• Book Trailers – Google the term “book trailers” – way of the future – using technology to bring kids back to books, eg:

The last Viking book trailer – Norman Jorgensen & James Foley

Rudie nudie book trailer – Emma Quay

• CBCA 2012 Theme – “Champions read”
• Provides a focus to be advocates for reading
• CBCA awards tend to reward the adjective over the verb – nothing wrong with page turners – action books
• Should be a CBCA category for debut authors
• Children and teen book market booming – authors for the adult market are now writing teen fiction
• Books on Muslim faith are popular
• Easy reads abound – Beast Quest, Bill B Brown, EJ12, Hey Jack!, Zac Power
• Kids love book series
Diary of a wimpy kid – format is a hit, new book to be released later this year
• Dystopian teen fiction dominates
• Classic is cool! – The great Gatsby
• Graphic novels are popular
• Non fiction picture books – lighter on text.

* Download Paul’s presentation from HERE.

Guest Speaker: Jill Bruce (Author and NSW judge for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Literature Awards 2012-2013), Children’s Book Council of Australia
• Total of eight judges – one from each state
• Judges chosen from CBC members from each state – members apply or nominate for the position as judge
• 365 books read – every book read by every judge – report written
• Books can be entered in more than one category
• Attend Judges Conference – one award category dealt with per day – shortlist and honour books decided by secret ballot
• No category for books in a series – problem created when each book ends with a hook and the next in the series needs to be read
• Criteria for all categories:
 Outstanding titles with literary merit
 Language appropriate to the theme and style of the work with regard to the aesthetic qualities of language
 Originality in the treatment of literary elements
 Quality of illustrations, book design, production, printing and binding.

* Download Jill’s presentation from HERE.

Sponsor: Syba Signs (Jodie)
• Jodie is sharing conference visits with Phyl Williamson
• Involved with National Year of Reading – promotional products available eg. bookmarks, posters, floor mat
• Supporting the reading hour
• Professional Development program 2012 – available at venues beyond Sydney CBD
• Happy to visit schools to discuss your Library needs.

Guest Speakers: Cheryl Farkas (Literacy Consultant K-6 Western Sydney region), Caroline Hopwood (Middle Years Literacy Consultant Western Sydney Region), Julie Grazotis (Teacher Librarian, Banks PS)

Literacy Comprehension Strategies: Cheryl and Caroline – Introduction
• Literacy Continuum K-10
 Provides clear and accessible representation of the development of the critical aspects of literacy across the seven years of primary education
 Sound research based evidence to plan teaching to meet individual student needs at all levels
 Explicit descriptions of the skill and knowledge involved in progressive development and achievement in literacy
 Recognises and includes digital literacy across all levels of schooling
 Covers 8 critical aspects – 3 constrained skills and 5 unconstrained skills
Constrained skills – Phonics, Phonemic Awareness and Concepts About Print
Unconstrained Skills – Reading Texts, comprehension, Aspects of Speaking, Vocabulary and Aspects of Writing
 Each of the 8 critical aspects need to be unpacked:
One aspect at a time
Unpack the definition
Select the cluster most appropriate for your students
Unpack the cluster marker under the chosen cluster
Select the marker that needs to be explicitly taught
• Handouts – Literacy Continuum PowerPoint presentation & Teaching reading comprehension strategies.

* Download Cheryl and Caroline’s presentations from HERE (Introduction to the literacy continuum), HERE (interactive literacy continuum chart) and HERE (K-6 comprehension strategies).

• Contact Cheryl cheryl.farkas@det.nsw.edu.au
• Contact Caroline caroline.hopwood@det.nsw.edu.au

Primary Session: Julie Grazotis
Super Six Strategies – how to use them in the Library
• Good readers – Read, Make Connections, Predict, Visualise, Question, Monitor and Summarise
• Books are like windows and mirrors:
 Windows allow us to look through the book and see the lives of others. We can learn new ideas about people in the world
 Mirrors reflect our own lives
• Predicting – use ‘See, Think, Wonder’ model
• Visualising – ‘See With Your Mind’
• Questioning – The 5Ws (Who? What? When? Where? Why?)
• Monitoring – ‘The Five Finger Test’, ‘Can It Be For Me?’ – steps to select suitable and interesting books
• Summarising – PMI chart.

* Download Julie’s presentations from HERE (strategies) and HERE (reading solutions).

Guest Speaker: Lisa Forrest (Author/Olympian) – ‘Making the Most of It’
• A varied career to date – author, actor, TV and radio presenter, interviewer, mother and Olympian
• Experiences as a swimmer representing Australia, in particular, her representation at the 1980 Olympic Games, have influenced and provided subject matter for her writing
• 2012 CBCA theme might use a sporting angle in this Olympic year: “Champions read”.

Next Committee meeting: 3.45pm, Wednesday 6 June at Penrith Panthers.
Meeting concluded: 3:30pm

March 9

2012 National Year of Reading: CBCA activities

Just a quick reminder from Jackie Hawkes about some of the Children’s Book Council activities that may help your NYoR efforts and involvement

AAA- Anticipate, Appreciate, Applaud – Tuesday April 3
Lead up to the announcements of the short listed books for Book Week 2012 – Champions Read. Nadia Wheatley as keymnote speaker, panel of personal overviews of possible short list books in each Book Week category.

Maurice Saxby lecture – in honour of the amazing contributions of Maurcie Saxby in relation to Australian children’s literature – a lecture will be held at the State Library – Tuesday May 1

Writing Master Classes for teens – give your students’ talents a real chance to progress
29 March – What makes a short story? – Anthony Eaton
30 April – Write like a professional – Michael Pryor
23 July – “If I chance to talk a little wild” – Tony Thompson
5 November – The ultimate challenge – Ursula Dubosarsky

ALOUD Program enables schools to have authors visit schools for literature based activities

Frustrated Writer’s programs – to help unpublished authors gain mentoring to develop their writing. The target audeince for works must be children, and includes writer categories for adults (aged over 20), young adult (aged 15-20) and Juniors (aged under 15). Closing date for entries June 1, 2012.

Stories on Screen (primary schools) – students will select an Australian children’s picture book or adapt a favourite traditional story to give it an Australian feel and create a visual presentation of no longer than three minutes duration. Students can use any format but suggestions include Photostory, PowerPoint, Stop Motion Pro, iMovie and Moviemaker.

Full details are available on the CBCA NSW site.

Happy reading with a variety of ways of being involved and supported. Ideas from the November 2011 think tank for the National Year of Reading are HERE (click on the hyperlink).

Jackie Hawkes

2012 - National Year of Reading logo